MyAbhyaas: Learn New Skills on the Go!

CIO Vendor Ati Ranjan Kumar was part of one of the sunshine industries - the high-end outsourcing of investment research and advisory businesses from global banks, financial institutions, and hedge funds. Being a relatively new industry with ever growing demand, Ati spent a good amount of his time training and developing 700+ analysts during his stint where he realized the utter lack of hands-on training that limits students’ ability to understand the application of knowledge in the real-world work environment. Further, he realized a dire need of bridging the gap between theory and practice and help students develop critical thinking abilities. This was also important for corporates that lacked adequate time to train the individuals for live projects. MyAbhyaas was incepted with a mission to help millions of youth acquire and enhance their skills and continue to remain relevant in the fast-changing work environment.

MyAbhyaas goes beyond the stereotype of being a run-of-the-mill online education platform and ensures that their courses help students acquire relevant skills and attitude

MyAbhyaas democratizes learning by bringing top-notch academicians and corporate professionals as instructors, mentors and personal guides to students and professionals who are continuously working towards their skills building. Taking education beyond the boundaries of classroom and geographies, the company in the last nine months has trained 560+ participants from India and the Middle East across six professional courses
through instructor-led live online classes (virtual classrooms). “So far we have received extremely positive feedback from participants with above average placements for them.

We are planning to launch 3-4 courses a month in 2017,” speaks Ati. MyAbhyaas is currently collaborating with some prominent business schools to create Management Development Programs (MDPs) for professionals.

Integrated Learning Solutions

MyAbhyaas goes beyond the stereotype of being a run-of-the-mill online education platform and ensures that their courses help students acquire relevant skills and attitude. “We believe in developing well researched, impactful and application focused training courses and getting them delivered through curated list of instructors and mentors. Our content is focused on boosting cognitive abilities and soft skills. We follow unique selection process for trainers, which allow us to ensure best in class training capability in the industry,” he adds.
With two primary focus areas of effectively bridging the gap between campuses and corporate and providing ongoing skills acquisition solution to professionals and corporate houses, MyAbhyaasworks as a Strategic L&D Consultant/Partner and one-stop solution that meets L&D requirements of corporate clients. This includes conducting training needs assessments based on corporate strategies and future growth plans and mapping the gap between required versus current skills and capabilities. MyAbhyaas then delivers a mix of on-campus and e-learning solutions to help corporations create and sustain human resource advantage.

For students and professionals, the company offers in-depth and relevant courses across various areas of finance, marketing, data science, human resources through qualified and experienced professionals in respective industries to help them reach the desired level of excellence and growth in their corporate career. The company works with a small core team with which they have delivered comprehensive onboarding training to a couple of companies in the BFSI space, trained students from three out of the top 5 MBA colleges in Mumbai, conducted workshops and trained students from Engineering colleges in Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik, amongst others.

In the years to come, Ati and his team wish to stay focused towards BFSI, IT & ITES and are in discussion to develop a solution for Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing companies. The team envisions updating students and professionals about the emerging trends in key business areas and the skills required to start and grow in these areas. We are targeting a small number of courses as we really want to maintain the quality and rigor of our courses working with curated list of high-quality trainers,” he concludes.