AnalytixLabs:Job Oriented Cutting Edge Courses

CIO Vendor In today’s digitised dynamic business environment, a CEO’s constant worry is to find suitable skilled employees who can help businesses succeed. This ever soaring dearth of suitably skilled workforce and the ever more critical need of businesses for right talent were recognised by a group of talented people. This was further fuelled when they had come across a group of few students who were highly dissatisfied with their analytics training.This incident was the seed which later bloomed into the idea of AnalytixLabs in June, 2011. Being passionate about analytics, the foundersplanned a more practical and job-oriented pedagogy through real businessissues that they had experienced during their career.

The initial days at AnalytixLabswere challenging, more so because of the block to connect and gain the faith of both the organizations and students alike and make them understand the value analytics could have created. Soon, the company began spending more time in guiding future professionals on what they should be expecting and what it means for their unique candidature.Since then, there was no looking back.

Learning at Ease

The pioneers in analytics training, AnalytixLabshave courses covering various aspects of Analytics – Data Mining and Reporting, Data Science, Big Data and Data Visualization. “Our courses keep evolving given the ever-changing Analytics environment and industry requirements. Two of our most coveted programs are Data Science using SAS & R and Certified Big Data Expert. We now have separate in-depth modules dedicated to advanced topics, like Machine Learning, Big Data Hadoop and one specifically curated for SAS Global Certification,” speaks Sumeet Bansal, CEO, AnalytixLabs. As
for pedagogy, AnalytixLabs follows 80:20 approach which is ensured through various assignments and case studies that are provided to the students’ hands-on practice.

Deeming continual learning/unlearning and skill enhancement imperative for businesses, AnalytixLabs works with many leading organizations – not only those who want to build analytics capabilities, but also analytics organizations who want to upskill their teams and be better prepared for the rapid changes in the analytics industry. This has especially come in given the rising popularity of open source software like Python and Hadoop. In fact, some of the clients have crafted year long training calendars with us for various kinds of analytics tools and techniques training.

AnalytixLabs has recently started their global operations in Malaysia where the programs offered are also being certified by the HR Ministry, Govt. of Malaysia,

The Silver Lining

Partnering with clients and taking collaborative responsibility in solving the critical business challenges, team AnalytixLabs’ strength lies in helping clients with recruiting the best talent to fill up the capacity gaps for the upcoming increasing analytics demand.Starting from a one-room office with two trainers, today the company has close to 20 trainers and across corporate and individual calendar batches are training over 250 students every month across 5-6 different courses. These students come from various backgrounds and are global citizens from different parts of the world –US, UK, Singapore, and Australia, apart from India. “We feel extremely proud that in a period of a little over six years we have managed to accomplish this milestone. We have recently started our global operations in Malaysia where the programs offered are also being certified by the HR Ministry, Govt. of Malaysia,” he avers enthusiastically. Recently, they have started out with their Bangalore operations. “With the fast-changing analytics world, we will continue to add more niche and specialized courses that shall benefit analytics candidates and also keep upgrading existing ones to keep them abreast of all the changes in this industry,” concludes Sumeet.