Discover, Evaluate and Book Training Programs for Career Growth

CIO Vendor Stephen R. Covey the author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change’ narrates that “Until a person can say deeply and honestly, I am what I am today because of the choice I made yesterday,” that person cannot say, “I choose otherwise.” It would be my hope that any training we would provide serves as an opportunity for people to develop greater self-awareness, a capacity to choose a response to the world and a capacity to change the world proactively.

Bookmytrainings offers plethora of services related to training, right from certifications to leadership, functional & technological areas

Baalamurgan, who is a firm believer of this always wanted to give something back to the society. Baalamurgan together with his wife Aruna B, a SAP Trainer & Manjeet Singh, a techie, with a rich combined experience of 45+ years across domains, in 2011 observed that most corporates and individuals were finding it difficult to identify the right training program to enhance their business and improve skill-sets. This triggered the trio to conceptualize the idea of creating a unique single platform for trainers/training
companies/workshops/certification programs. They went ahead and created a portal and gave their first presentation at NSRCEL – the Startup Hub atIIMB. This became an instant hit and was a stepping, that went to become a pioneer of training marketplace in India.

Pioneers in L&D Operation Outsourcing Space

Bookmytrainings platform being first of its kind in the space has crossed every hurdle with ease. From bootstrap mode to being an angel funded in their second year, the company is currently doing exceptionally well and is looking for strategic investment to further grow and establish as a brand. Focusing on the L&D area, in 2015, they had started an L&D outsourcing concept for corporate organizations. Elaborating on this, Baalamurgan, CEO, says “Once the L&D team identifies the needs, till the execution and feedback of the process, we take care of entire operation for them so that companies can rely completely on us and focus more on the growth aspect. Statistically, we have reduced 40-60 percent in planning to delivery cycle time and 20-30 percent reduction in per employee training cost. Also, 15-20 percent increase in training feedback and rating, so these are the three things we have achieved by being L&D outsourcing partners with the corporates.”

Other than this, Bookmytrainings offers a plethora of services related to training, right from certifications to leadership, functional & technological areas, which includes behavioral training, managerial training, soft skills, project management, 6 sigma, ITIL,Agile& Scrum, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Hadoop, and Big Data among others.

Based in Bangalore, Bookmytrainings has carved a niche for itself by creating a unique platform, not just focusing on one particular area, but in every possible area that would benefit corporations and individuals attain impeccable results. Speaking about the roadmap ahead for Bookmytrainings, Baalamurgan says “At present, we do not have a single platform that could serve the needs of is definitely the first and e-Learning is something we are focused at the moment. We are sure to add more and more content in the days to come. Along with this, our focus would be more on L&D execution outsourcing, where we are envisioning becoming partners with as many corporate organizations as possible in the next three years. Once this is attained, we will be looking at other geographies outside India.”