BHI Capital Advisors: Quality Business Consultancy Solutions

CIO Vendor BHI Capital Advisors was established in 2007, based in Chennai and was under the shade of Berggruen Holdings US. As time progressed, R Ramaseshan, at present, MD, BHI Capital Advisors, decided to stand alone in his future endeavors and not depend upon Multinational Corporations as they had subtle policies of Investments. In 2009 finally cutting loose, BHI started its own operation in business consulting and strategy management.

The Background

Ramaseshan prior establishing BHI has worked in various Multinational Companies in a senior management level, few of which includes PwC, Unilever, Nokia and has more than 25 years of experience in the space. His expertise lies in Strategic Consulting, Taxation, Finance, Real Estate, Power & Infrastructure Investment. Gopala krishnan who is the Director of the company was working with Murugappa Group and shares similar expertise including SEZ Regulations and vast domain knowledge giving BHI an edge over other competitors in the market. Speaking on the business consulting, Ramaseshan speaks, “Business Consulting today is very intricate unless you know what to do with the business, how to strategically handle them in terms of marketing, finance, and HR, you must be an all rounder knowing all this areas. Now based on our previous experience, we were able to deploy key strategy in a few strategic companies there by the companies could achieve growth as well as profitability, which is the prime driver for any business. So, any turn around business has always been our key area focus.”

The Business Proposition

BHI believes in handling their clients’overall business operations and has a different equation to their success story. Elaborating on this, Ramaseshan adds “Our initial clients are still in touch with us. When you feel they are not required any more, you cannot have a complacent issue and you must always visit them and assist them in their business process. Once you have established a relationship with your clients the rest follows.”

Further adding he says “After all they should at some point of time stand on their own feet as well and that’s how you’ll teach a child, first you teach them to crawl, then to walk and then run.
And once they start to run, the parents do not even go near the child and that’s always been our philosophy with respect to development of the units.”

“Being in the Industry for more than 9 years, BHI is optimistic about the changing market trends and developments that are bound to take place in the near future, through its unique USP for all business requirements met under One Roof”

At present, BHI offers entire gamut of services related to Business Consultancy and offers solutions under one roof. Their strength lies in providing increase profitability, turn over, and peer study. Throwing light on their flagship product, Ramaseshan asserts, “We are into SEZ consulting where many people do not know about SEZ or the nuances of SEZ. We have been instrumental in reducing the project cost in SEZ, even though given all the indirect taxes are waived, often it is not that easy to get waived off in a project process. So reducing the project cost has always been our hallmark”

Gopalakrishnan said that we handhold our clients from conceptualizing business, structuring, incorporation, Regulatory approvals, execution of commercial contracts including joint venture, technical collaboration, share holding agreement etc., for smooth functioning of the Company. We provide high quality, prompt and personalized professional advise to our clients as an in house team.

In the area of Finance we are able to put in Private equity investment and garner loan funds for our clients. We hand hold the clients not only on funding but we ensure that the funds are utilized properly and the promises to equity investors are met. This strategy is a key success with Investors and the no. of equity investors wanting to put money with BHI is growing day by day.

Last year we have added a Hospitality division which caters to Hotel industry needs. We do in depth analysis of the running hotels & resorts to share up the revenues and to decrease the costs adds Mr. Dharanendiran operations Director of BHI. More and more Hotels & Resorts are approaching BHI for Managing & operating the hotel professionally.

Moving ahead and been in the Industry for more than 9 years, BHI is optimistic about the changing market trends and developments that are bound to take place in the near future. He concludes, “With the Introduction of GST bill, there will be lot of SME’s& MSMEs that will require our assistance in the entire process of business maneuvering. Hence, training in GST will definitely raise the overall profitability of the organization, which it plans to focus in the next three to four months