Advent Public Relation: Fresh Ideas and Tailor made Strategies

CIO Vendor When dealing with Public Relation (PR) firms at the time of crisis it becomes very much essential for any organization to consult the right one. As and when most of the organizations fail to understand the after effects during the time of crisis and chooses to go ahead with prominent PR firms, and when that fails they end up consulting other slightly famous PR firms, and further chooses to consult the right one based on references.

Things can be simpler if an organization consult smaller firms/startups at the initial stages itself, as these business setups tend to take matters seriously and provides complete attention towards the issue. “Most of the agencies simply execute their plans with out understanding the broader media/TG landscape and challenges involved which reflects in their performance. At Advent PR, we hand hold clients from the first day and offer them the right advisory services. We don’t hesitate to say NO if a certain approach or notion is faulty and ensure assisting them navigating the tricky world of Media with a robust communication road map”, speaks Kheman Kumar, Co-Founder- Advent Public Relations.

The Beginning

Based in New Delhi, Advent Public Relation came into existence in 2013. Kheman an Pritam having served the Industry for more than a decade could clearly see the divergence in understanding PR as a communication tool that prioritize brand over the rest, as most of the companies lagged this core essence.
Throwing light on, they says, “From consultancy side, we observed that an advisory/consulting mind set was missing and most were happy disseminating press releases and organizing press conferences. We decided to change that with a research oriented approach and designing well crafted communication strategy which revolved around story telling”.

Reaching Greater Heights of Success

As far as the challenges are concerned, team Advent PR believes it takes time and patience to convert clients who mystifies PR as an advertising agent. However this entirely being one aspect, the other core challenges lies in outgrowing the bigger players in the market and recruiting the right talent. “We address these challenges by trying to drive home to a point, while a bigger player certainly has more resources and infrastructure. Well, it is not a limiting factor when it comes to providing effective communication solutions and deliver great results for clients. Since the industry is driven by individual/team talent and we being in the industry believe success drives the entire business”, he adds.

"Keep your competition close, but keep your PR Consultancy Closer."

Driven by success, Advent PR’s offers services that include Corporate/Brand PR, Crisis Management & Advocacy. Focusing on Crisis Management, Pritam says, “When a crisis crops up, there is inadequate preparation, pandemonium prevails and the image of the company takes a hit. With our Crisis Management approach, clients can expect to have a detailed framework to deal with such exigencies without adversely affecting their image”.

Having grown steadily since its inception, Advent PR has 25 percent YOY growth and in the coming years is confident to accelerate their growth rate as they foray into newer verticals. Having said that, Pritam concludes, “It’s important to see how clients should treat their PR consultancies as their partners and not as an external stakeholder. Keep your competition close, but keep your PR Consultancy Closer”.