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Natio Cultus Consulting: Crafting Strategy, Not Just Plans

Throughout history M&As have played an important role in the transformation of the industrial sector of India and globally. The MRTP Act and other legislations have amended legal ways for large business groups and foreign companies to resort to an M&A strategy for growth. This strategy has been employed by several well known corporate groups in the past like R.P. Goenka, Vijay Mallya and Manu Chhabria and more recently by the Future group,; for growth and expansion of their business interests. During earlier times of the Indian industrial era, there have been a plethora of M&As in every sector of the Indian industry. Even, the known and big industrial houses of...


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  • To Do M&A Right!

    Ravish Sharan, Assistant Manager - Corporate M&A, Larsen & Toubro Limited