Robust Designs: Proffering Intelligent Analytical solutions via CUBOT

CIO Vendor Over the decade, BI Solutions have evolved into rich solutions, possessing comprehensive graphical and tabular reporting capabilities. However as easy as they may sound, dashboard implementation projects can be extremely challenging because of complexities that aren't obvious to inexperienced BI solutions development teams. Headquartered in Bangalore, Robust Designs offers CUBOT, an end to end data integration and Analytical product. The comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) platform comes with an inbuilt ETL tool, reporting tool and analytics. Furthermore, CUBOT semantically models information sources across systems, channels and repositories into business dimensions and measures. Similarly CUBOT helps business managers conduct granular analysis on the available data, thus accelerating accurate decision making. “Working closely with clients we figured that good visualization is usually achieved either by the manual effort by the MIS department or the secretaries of the CXO’s. This is not just time consuming but also a wastage of manual effort as different people may have different data. CUBOT’s versatility lies in the “no programming” feature that allows that platform to work best in the hands of people who actually use the information it delivers,”saysOlaf Frederik, VP - Business Solutions

Robust invests both time and effort on domain experts to come up with innovative solutions and to fine tune products and solutions to meet the client’s requirements

Catering BI solutions across Verticals

The company realized that most clients did not have a clear cut requirements and considered BI as a ‘nice-to-have’ attribute than a must have. Efforlessly leaping across these hurdles, Robust built a POC wherein the clients invested only after being satisfied by the final result. Moreover, Robust invests both time and effort on domain experts to come up with innovative solutions and to fine tune products and solutions to meet the client’s requirements. Apart from CUBOT, Robust proffers industry specific MIS in verticals like Telecom, Healthcare and Financial services. Moreover, Robust furnishes Analytics with R open sources platforms and Shiny based custom visualization solutions. “Apart from technology expertise, we believe in domain knowledge and customer satisfaction. Our USP is that we roll out solutions that benefits our customers irrespective of the technology used,”says Yadu Balehosur, CEO.

Since its inception in 2003, Robust Designs has grown from an amateur who provided dashboards for executives to anexperienced professionalwho prides in having delivered solutions to over 40 blue chip enterprises. Partnering with companies like Adaptik Corporation, SAS Institute Inc., Comviva Technologies Limited, Genesis Infotech, and DTWO Solutions, Robust Designs focuses on delivering quality services in various verticals likeTelecom, Insurance, Digital Media,Healthcare and Manufacturing. Observing the growth scale of the company and the repository of successful BI implementations, it is quite safe to say that Robust Designs will score the goal of being the leading BI and Analytics company in the Telecom space.