Porus Software Consultants

CIO Vendor For most companies, managing sales force expenditure is as bothersome as it is for the sales representatives to submitting expense reports to the finance department. Usually, while collecting receipts and inputting expenses; there is a good chance of manual errors to creep in. Fortunately, expense reporting has started the process of an effective break up with paper, and there are some great expense report apps in the market to prove it. However, simplicity of use, method of payment indicator and transparency are major points to lookout for while choosing an effective Expense App.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Porus Software proffers Field Force Expenses. Created especially for the Pharma domain, the product is build around SAP Fiori. Field Force Expenses calculates the distance via the internal GPS that is installed in the vehicle the sales representative uses. The application then estimates the rate upon these calculations. Considering the geographical terrain of India, Porus understands that detours will be an everyday occurrence, for which the application gives room for deviations that are pre-set by the client. “Field Force Expenses save clients from unnecessary outages while ensuring transparency,” says Purushotham Reddy Challa, Founder and CEO. The company is proficient in SAP Fiori, the mobile technology platform that connects the client’s mobile devices to SAP. The solution works seamlessly on desktops, tablets and all Android and iOS devices.
Purushotham further states that although a new entrant in the market, SAP Fiori exhibits an array of benefits wherein the single application can be used across multiple devices while displaying excellent user experience.

Educating Clients to Achieve Better Results
Having started off in 2011 by proffering SAP based services; Porus realized that the SAP packages currently available in the markets come with their own set of limitations. Intend to iron out these creases; Porus works around the existing SAP packages to figure out solutions that mitigate can effectively mitigate these challenges. “We realize that while most companies have internal SAP teams, they are often skeptical of new software developments. In such situations, Porus steps in and educate them while bringing in our own certified and trained team,” adds the proud Founder. When asked about the initial challenges that Porus had to face, Purushotham replies that most of the clients that approached them were clueless of what the underlying problem was. “They had been to other vendors who are focused on selling packages rather than explaining the predicament. We educated our clients on their problems, informed them of relevant solutions available and the services that we can provide,” says the CEO.

SAP Fiori connects the client’s mobile devices to SAP and works seamlessly on desktops, tablets and all Android and iOS devices

Looking ahead, Porus intends on stepping abroad and exploring the market space of Nigeria and London. Moreover, the company provides equal opportunities regardless of culture, caste and sex. “Our workforce boasts of 40percent women employees as we perpetuate women empowerment. Additionally, we encourage our employees while grooming and prepping them to adhere to the company culture. Because that is how a young company like ours can grow to greater heights,” concludes Purushotham.