Management’s Eye: Helping Clients Enhance Profitability by Leveraging In-house Built Analytical Tools

CIO Vendor Organizations leveraging traditional BI tools were unable to access large data sets or even load large amounts of information. Even if the data was loaded, interactive analytics and dashboards were limited to a specific number of rows and columns and only available to those users with high-end computer skills and analytical capabilities. The gap between what BI analytics promised and what companies actually got was so large that the expected ROI was never realized. Understanding this predicament, G Kalyan Kumar and his team of experts established Management’s Eye; (Meye) a company that helps client take decisions based on sound analytics and insights in order to help them stay ahead of competition.

Headquartered in Chennai, Management’s Eye (Meye) initially began coding dashboards by leveraging their expertise on management’s matrix, measures, and challenges as well as the various templates the clients require to see their performance report. However, whilst using the code based system Meye faced obstacles which they effectively hurdled by building their own analytical tool, the Analyst. “While our competitors leverage abroad build analytical tools and design their dashboards in India, we are the only Indian company to build our own analytical tool,” comments a proud Kalyan.
Meye’s analytical tool, a code independent user driven interface automatically connects to a variety of databases to design dashboards in real time. Having implemented in more than 40 companies ranging from SMEs to large enterprises across domains, Meye emphasizes on providing clients the benefits of having proper management system, analytical tool and MIS to take business decisions while undertaking continuous business process monitoring. One such area is where, Meye helps clients to optimize inventory for better sales performance.

Meye helps companies to simplify business and maximize profits through innovative solutions driven by Analytics

Plotting a Steady Growth Graph
Intending to provide a creative work environment, Meye imbibes the spirit of a cross-culture work force of 45 member team with dedicated R&D team to innovate and create new tools, features and objectives. Having started off as a humble process advisory service provider, Management’s Eye has shown tremendous growth by graduating from process engineering service provider and maturing to an analytics driven advisory company.

Having won the path finder award from Economics Times Group in 2012, Meye is excited about spreading its roots through the Middle East, Indian and African regions, while aiming to be the one stop solution provider for information, intelligence, insights needed by companies to simplify business and maximize profits.