Anlight: Delivering Reliable and Cost-Effective vCIO Services

CIO Vendor For most small businesses, IT experts on site primarily manage tactical issues leaving little time for nurturing a strategic, effective IT strategy. On the other hand, as every process is defined in large organizations, the job of a CIO becomes monotonous beyond a point. And in the absence of motivation, ideas reduce and productivity is affected. As an answer, many consultant vendors provide vCIO (Virtual CIO) as an exceptional alternative to re-staffing or supplementing strategic skills within the internal IT department. However choosing a vCIO who is capable of taking care of everything from infrastructure management, IT Security, disaster recovery, Business Solutions and innovative IT solutions— all with a focus on delivering value from IT Investments is paramount.

In 2014, after having served two decades and delivering diverse leadership roles at reputed MNCs, Anoop Handa, the proud Founder and Managing Director of Anlight realized that organizations required access to someone who has the experience, exposure to best global practices and commercial acumen to help them from pitfalls. And thus Anlight Consulting Services was established. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Anlight isa customer-centric; delivery oriented consulting company that partner with customers and leverages Technology & Human Capital to provide CIO as a service (vCIO). The vCIO services delivers the benefits of top tier professional expertise with commercial experience, time tested best practices, domain knowledge and access to the best IT vendors without having the need to have a full-time CIO.
“The vCIO engagement delivers required technology leadership against service fees in ‘pay as you use’ service delivery model thus providing a cost effective way of having access to CIO competencies,” says Anoop.
Apart from vCIO, Anlight provides services such as IT consulting for Strategy and Cost Management, Technology Transformation in the SMAC & Virtualization areas and Cloud based business Solutions. On the other hand, the HR basket of offerings includes services like outsourcing, premium staffing, senior level IT Recruitment Services and implementing HR technologies.

Boosting Employee Productivity and Customer Satisfaction
Anlight does not flinch in the face of heavy competition as it leverages its experience in delivering large scale business transformation, change initiatives & staffing services spanning multiple locations across geographies. Collaborating with customers, the company evaluates opportunities and then innovates, strategize, plan, develop, manage and implement fit-for-purpose business solutions. In doing so, Anlight has been successful in generating measurable improvements in business performance, employee productivity, cost management and customer satisfaction.

vCIO delivers required technology leadership against service fees in ‘pay as you use’ service delivery model thus providing a cost effective way of having access to CIO competencies

Although a startup, Anlight has successfully caught the eyes of the industry while happily bagging awards like Hot100 Start-ups 2014 award organized by CORE (Centre of Recognition & Excellence)and the 2015 Leaders Award for 'Fastest Growing Brand In HR Services In Delhi/NCR' organized by 24 MRC Network. Excited with the positive responses that Anlight have received, the company intends to increase partnerships to house ina variety of products and services in the HCM (Human Capital Management) Domain. Furthermore,Anlight is all set to step abroad so as to be a global partner while providing employees with ample growth opportunities.