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SM Consulting : Strengthening Corporates with Suitable L&D Services

CIO Vendor India’s economic growth is backed by different industrial sectors, Learning and development being one of them, has been witnessing a rising graph since the last decade. The L&D industry has nourished business and other sectors with training support and helped them flourish in their respective domains. A large number of companies are coming up with varied solutions for its clients and a higher level of competition prevails in this sector. A major player of this competitive market is SM Consulting; a provider of ROI based Business Consulting Services. Armed with 30 years of IT experience, Sameer Mathur, the CEO, established the company in 2011. With an objective to be a successful player of the space, the company mainly focuses on areas of technology such as IT & telecom; business including sales/marketing, partner management, project management and soft skills which include leadership, team building and motivation.
Based in New Delhi, the company provides high-end solutions with L&D and IT consultation. “Our consulting services offer a complete set of advices and suggestions ranging from developing the relevant solutions for the training plans to assisting and establishing a process for most effective delivery plans,” says Sameer. Keeping an eye on training lifecycle management, the firm aims to provide scalable, efficacious and economical applications to achieve short term and long term business goals. Unlike others, SM offers a complete set of advices and suggestions ranging from developing the relevant solutions for training plans to assist and establishing a process for most effective delivery plans.
Perceiving the client’s needs, SM offers technology (IT & Telecom), business (including sales/marketing, partner management), project management and soft skill services; which include leadership, team building and motivation programs that enable employees to grow beyond. However, the increasing demand for L&D consultation has helped SM Consulting to take effective initiatives and to add reputed names in their client’s lists. Some of the initiatives are - how to make L&D process more acceptable & enjoyable for participants; goal setting and goal achieving tips & tricks and many similar other programs required by its clients; learning vs. coaching sessions etc. “We try to strengthen our clients’ training efforts and help them achieve the best possible results,” he adds.

The combination of experience and hard work has brought major successes to SM Consulting

SM’s team strength consists of experience and excellence that has managed to carve a niche for itself. Following a result driven approach for its clients, the team assures most effective and innovative implementation of its plans, keeping in mind the cost and other probable risks. “Our consultants have a wide range of experience, across various technology and marketing platforms. They are in the best position to offer all required services, keeping customer challenges in mind,” Sameer says proudly.

The combination of experience and hard work has brought major successes to SM Consulting. The team proficiently guides its customers at each step of project implementations. “Under our project management plan, consultants keep a close eye on customer’s basic needs such as cost, scope, quality, risk, time management and work hard to obtain the best results,” affirms Sameer. The organization has worked for various industries such as telecom, IT, BFSI, retail, education and manufacturing and has served companies such as Bharti Airtel, Bharti Infratel, Tata Communications Ltd., Volvo Eicher Ltd to name a few. Serving these biggies through years has helped the company gain confidence to enhance its business by adding more clients to its present list and flourish further with its brilliant performances.