Morpho Thinkers: Facilitating Metamorphosis of the Mind

Employee training and development is an essential facilitator for an organization’s success in the long run. It is vital to ensure that employee skills, abilities and knowledge are being regularly updated. Not only is it critical for new recruits to be industry-ready and be on-board with the company’s vision and policies from the word go but also for next generation of leaders and managers to be trained to become effective leaders. Morpho Thinkers, an internationally recognized management consultant and a corporate training institute, believes in just that. Founded in 2004 by Ay. Thomas Louies, an industry veteran, the firm has not just converted training & development into a profitable venture but also helped various clients achieve success.

Addressing Industry Needs

The corporate sector aims to be cost effective and thus is often reluctant to incur expenditure on new recruits. However, the training and development of employees today is not a luxury but a business necessity. Employee down-turns, lack of seamlessness in the transfer of power and other gaps faced by the business world has given a rise to the need for training & development companies. Morpho Thinkers is one such company that keeps in mind factors such as technological advancement, career growth, skill development etc. With a wide array of transformational services at their behest, the company renders best-in-class service for corporate training, retail training, mentoring, psychometric & psychological assistance, HR management services, job mapping and organizational restructuring.

Morpho Thinkers has carved a niche for itself in the market by amalgamating the regular and off beat modules, through which they serve all the specific needs of a client

CIO Vendor Individuals are empowered through various methods which target to transform the mind, body and soul. The techniques are spiritual and aimed to invoke higher intelligence and channelize scattered energy into their own belief system, which in return will lead to a productive and fulfilling life. With a constant attempt to keep the transformation intact instead of only rendering the ‘Wow effect’ which is limited to a bare minimum of 24-48 hours that their peers have made a habit of, Morpho Thinkers aims to change how the business industry works.
The company has set-up modules surrounding employee behavior and the soft skills. The programs offers a range from leadership, problem solving, decision making, inter-personal skills to process management, time management, communication module and presentation skills. But what makes the firm stand out is the niche module such as power of mind, positive thinking and individual transformation. The firm has carved a niche for itself in the market by amalgamating the regular and off beat modules, through which they serve all the specific needs of a client.
With 12 years of training & development entrepreneurship behind them in addition to their own individual experiences, the company aims to chalk out a name for itself in the public domain with e-Learning as a focal point in the future. “We understand that technology is growing and more than classroom learning, there is ample scope for e-Learning. So we aim to foray into the e-Learning industry and try to transform more people,” concludes Thomas.