Business Salt: A Growth Enabler for Business Operating in Complex Selling Space

CIO Vendor Strategy, ability, leadership and technology are indisputably the four essential elements that help in creating a successful business story. If coupled together wisely, these essentials can bring about the desired changes in the way businesses operate. This further creates an impact on the quality of services and client satisfaction, the two major growth enablers for any organization. This approach was very well understood and applied by the founders of Business Salt, a sales performance consulting firm based in Gurgaon. Business Salt was founded in 2011 to bridge the gap prevailing in the sales performance management segment, specifically in the complex B2B selling environment. The company creates solutions that can help ease the complex sales operations by dealing with long sales cycles and high value deals besides the challenges of navigating multiple power structures.

Business Salt emphasises on utilizing a multitude of methodologies to align and deliver results via training, business simulations, outbound simulations, coaching and e-learning. To aid these solutions, Business Salt has also initiated numerous global partnerships to implement the global practices while dealing with its clients. One of the most significant and benefiting partnerships for Business Salt has been with Miller Heiman, a global leader in delivering sales performance enhancing solutions. Besides, it has also partnered with Channel Enablers and Think on Your Feet to bring
researched and validated tools, techniques and solutions for its clientele.
The company deals with all the three major challenges of its clients, i.e., creating opportunities, managing opportunities and managing relationships. Most of the clients deal with challenges related to their customer management strategy. The organization’s aim is to provide a sustainable system which the clients can carry forward. “The idea is not just to come in and do the intervention and walk out, but to create a process that’s sustainable that the clients can start to live with. So, it’s about creating a culture more effective, more open to learning and more coaching based by working with the leaders and the executive team,” adds Priya.

The idea is not just to come in and do the intervention and walk out, but to create a process that’s sustainable that the clients can start to live with

The right approach always leads to the right outcome. This statement accurately defines the fulfilling journey of Business Salt. The company carries the privilege of working with the leading names such as TATA AIG, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Asian Paints, Capgemini, Canon, Lenovo, Unitech and The Times of India. It has also been participating in various global seminars in association with Miller Heiman. Another major initiative by Business Salt is the Women in Sales Award, which was started in association with Zars Media, a UK based company. Besides, the company, in future, aims to focus on strengthening its service portfolio apart from concentrating on geographical expansion. Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai are the major cities that Business Salt aims to reach out to, in the near future. “We are looking at more tie-ups and strategic alliances with global partners to grow in the SAARC areas such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, providing the same services that we have in India today and talking them to the neighbouring regions,” concludes Priya.