Learn Tech: Combining Learning and Innovation to Deliver Improved Business Impact

CIO Vendor “Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” This said Leonardo da Vincionce. This quote precisely puts across the significance of learning in life. Be it in personal space or professional arena, learning helps an individual to evolve. This ideology was nourished well by the founding team of Learn Tech to help organizations leverage learning as a tool for business success.The organization was born out of the need to create enhanced business impact through training. Learn Tech was introduced in 2010 with the vision of creating custom learning solutions with focus on design and ultimate impact to help organizations understand and leverage the power of what well designed learning can do for their organization.

Learn Tech brings expertise in learning consultation/design & development and implementation. The organization offers an extensive service portfolio including solutions for E-Learning Development, Training Consulting, Training Programs, Multimedia Solutions and Technology Solutions. “When clients consult with LearnTech, they are assured of breakthrough ideas that can solve problems quicker and at lower costs. They get the best in design strategy and development for their products and best in class technology at unbelievable costs,” details Aman Deep Dubey, Chief Learning Strategist, Learn Tech. The organization doesn’t just help its clients move beyond tick in the box approach towards learning delivery, but help them realize the impact of good design and strategy through cutting-edge learning solutions that produces breakthrough results.
Initially, the biggest challenge lying ahead of the company was the competition with low-cost and low-quality service providers who had no training experience or instructional design skills. The dissatisfying learning solutions offered by these companies resulting in negative perception of digital learning. Thus, the Learn Tech team was committed to help clients rethink, Aman Deep adds, “Our job was to restore the faith of our clients in digital learning and we did so by doing several demos and encouraging our customers to do rigorous user testing. The feedback from these testing procedures was the fruit of our labour.” Ever since its inception, Learn Tech has brought much needed training solutions to the market along with the concept of ‘Digital Learning’. It came as the ideal solution for the businesses with presence across geographies. Through digital learning solutions, the company helped its clients eliminate the logistical headache of getting everyone together, arranging their travel and tracking their participation & impact of the trainings.

The organization help its clients move beyond the tick in the box approach towards learning to delivering business impact through breakthrough learning design

Learn Tech started off with the vision to sensitize training leaders towards good design and today it stands out with its ability to design superior learning products better than any other in the market.With its innovative solutions, the company has helped its clients step into the future with improved business impact. For example they helped a company save 800+ man hours/year with a simple 2 mins game, a true testimony to their innovative thinking, breakthrough solution design and masterful use of technology, in another instance, team helped client replace ten day training for a programming language with 3.5 hours of digital learning. Learn Tech apart from carrying its legacy for learning, considers technology aided learning and development of games/simulations as the focus areas for future.