LeaderInU: Delivering Sustainable Professional Transformation through ‘Learn by Doing’

CIO Vendor There has been a paradigm shift in the way learning is viewed from an organisation’s standpoint. In order to empowering employees, build strong leadership qualities and inculcate the right skill set that reflects organisational goals, companies nowadays prioritize training employees. However, with numerous companies offering leadership solutions and programs, most of them are unable to harness the uniqueness of an individual’s strengths. Founded in June 2014, LeaderInU actualized to build programs that have a ‘granular’ perspective on individual strengths that could be leveraged alongside organisational goals. The company emphasiseson building innovative learning and development solutions that can help their clients in resolving complex problems.

LeaderInU believes in the potential of harnessing the uniqueness of individuals and building programs that reflect their unique skills through action based learning solutions. “While implying the challenges, there are main five dimensions: Reflect, Engage, Coach, Apply and Share that come into the picture. This approach is what sets us apart. These are the five dimensions that help us set programs which in-turn helps us overcome the challenges faced by the client,” says Juhee Sachdev, MD, LeaderInU. Through these principle dimensions LeaderInU engages in action learning programs like harnessing the leader in you (for women), formulas to master your presence and engineer your future. The organization’s key services include leadership development, succession planning,
and knowledge management.
The firm also conducts open workshops as well such as Developing a Design Mindset, Mastering your Presence, Building Winning Partnerships, New Managers Program, Art of Time Management, Present in Style etc. These workshops are designed to help professionals develop the culture that meets the organization needs.

LeaderInU believes in the potentials of harnessing uniqueness of individuals and building the programs that reflect their unique skills through Action Based Learning Solutions

Getting the top and bottom hierarchy to work together, collaborating across the organisation and tackling the big priorities on all fronts are dynamic sectors that LeaderInU focuses on. “We follow ‘learn by doing’ approach and that’s how we bring the skill out of an individual and make him more productive,” adds Juhee. However the realisation of an individual skill showcases the domain-expertise, accountability, focus and industry knowledge that LeaderInU excels in. Focusing on individual skills, LeaderInU designs training programs that assist organisations to benchmark their leadership development initiatives.

Optimizing the knowledge that already exists, LeaderInU helps a business entity in identifying the right skills, experience, and attributes that accelerates the leader in individuals. Diagnosing the leadership qualities, implementing experience (knowledge) sharing to, enhance peer learning etc are some other area of expertise LeaderInU is proficient in. After successfully delivering to global companies such as WorldBank, XL Catlin, Swaroski, Jindal Steels, Pentair, DataGuru etc LeaderinU envisions to develop a unique learning platform that can enhance any individual with their skills which in-turn helps them ‘align’ themselves towards their organisation and personal goals.