ELAvate Training India: Imparting a Competitive Edge through Soft Skills Behavioral Training Services

CIO Vendor Selling has become a complex activity and requires regular training and practice to hone the skill. Training helps sales representatives see missed opportunities, explore options and make wise decisions that bring the deal to closure. Beginner and experienced representatives alike gain tools to sharpen and refine their skills. Training also reveals patterns in the sales cycle, both successful and unsuccessful. In addition, leadership skills are also major contributors to the growth of an enterprise. It needs someone with vast industry experience to deliver effective sales training. Having spent more than 40 years in sales, leadership training and organizational consulting, Michael J. Griffin was well aware of how crucial sales training is and how a structured sales process can spur growth. To meet industry demands, Michael incorporated ELAvate Training India in 1998.

ELAvate provides one-to-one coaching as well as executive coaching services.Sales Performance training is the company’s flagship service; additionallyits services include leadership and team development, customer loyalty, presentation skills, talent development and performance management. The company’s innovative sales system features more than 20 programs and addresses both consultative and strategic selling skills, processes and measures needed at every level within organizations to ensure lasting competitive sales success. On the other hand, leadership and team development trainings provide systemic approach to build a motivated, loyal workforce capable of reaching new levels of collaborative productivity and harmony.

ELAvate also provides actionable skills and knowledge on how to create positive defining moments during service interactions. Highly interactive workshops enhance presentation and public speaking skills to a higher and more influential level.
Additionally, it offers performance strategies such as strategy mapping, balanced scorecard, leadership succession, process improvement and problem solving that produce real results and improve organizational performance.

Working closely with its clients, ELAvate provides blended learning and holistic training experience. Its unique Assess-Train-Coach-Reinforce-Measure approach to corporate training reinforces measurable success in achieving results. The company strives to equip everyone from executives to frontline staff with the right set of skills to succeed. Michael, CEO & Shareholder, ELAvate, says, “Through our learning formula, we guide learners in each stage of the ATCRM process.” ELAvate partners with several recognized organizations to train CXO level leaders, sales performance leaders, customer loyalty leaders and young high potential leaders.

ELAvate strives to equip everyone from executives to frontline staff with the right set of skills to succeed

ELAvate had several reasons to be skeptical when it started operations in India. Convincing clients return on their investments in corporate trainings was a daunting task. By undertaking rigorous market research and by providing customized solutions, the company successfully established itself in the Indian market. Michael adds, “As we give, so will we receive. This has been our guiding philosophy and the prime reason behind ELAvate’s success.” The company has collaborated with local conglomerates, organizations and MNCs to help them achieve results through its people development initiatives.

Based out of Mumbai, the company has branch office in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Its clients are spread across the country and come from various industries such as pharmaceutical and medical devices, banking and finance, IT and ITES, engineering and manufacturing etc. It also serves in SAARC and Middle East region. In the last 18 years, more than 250 companies have participated in the training programs conducted by the company. By aligning with the latest technologies, ELAvate plans to be listed among the top five training organizations in India.