CtrlX Global Services: Driving Service Excellence through Distinguished Training and Consulting Solutions

CIO Vendor Businesses, in today’s economy are fiercely competitive and customers today are more demanding than ever. The evolution of social networking and easily accessible information has empowered customers to make more informed decisions. With the shift in equilibrium, firms across industries, are faced with newer challenges. State of art technology and quality products/services can no longer keep organizations ahead of competition. Businesses need to identify and maintain their core capabilities and also differentiate themselves from growing competition by providing a unique customer experience. Hence, the concept of service excellence is now widely embraced among service providers.

CtrlX Global Services is a firm driven by its passion for “Service Excellence”. The organization was founded by Vishal Kapse, a visionary entrepreneur, to provide niche consulting and training services to medium and large service organizations.

CtrlX Global Services helps businesses realize their “Service Excellence” objectives through its many solutions. While working towards this, the company considers the three critical aspects of service delivery, i.e., customer experience management, operational excellence and change management. For companies seeking ways to drive customer loyalty, improve bottom-line profitability and enhance employee effectiveness, CtrlX has a wide range of services to offer. The firm offers customized learning services related to problem solving using Lean Six Sigma, advanced data analytics, change management, and transformational leadership.

Detailing the company’s training programs, Vishal Kapse, Founder, CtrlX Global Services says, “We strongly believe that your employees’ experience is
in direct correlation with how your customer feels. And, hence some of our niche programs are designed in the area of people transformation."

Growing commendably within a short span of time, CtrlX's journey has been full of obstacles. From building a team of extremely passionate individuals to helping clients recognize their potential value, it has worked on every hurdle befalling its way. “Another challenge we face is that some organizations look at training as a tactical skill development activity and we look at it very differently” adds Vishal. CtrlX designs its programs with an objective of giving individuals a “new pair of eyes” so when they walk out of the training they start seeing things differently. The company ensures that the training programs are experiential and participants are able to apply the learning in real life business scenarios.

In a short span of time CtrlX has become the preferred training partner for many international organizations and has earned accreditation from reputed global certification bodies

A motivated team, unremitting passion for excellence, relentless focus on customer and insatiable thirst for learning have been the differentiators for CtrlX. In a short span of time the firm has become the preferred training partner for many international organizations and has earned accreditation's from reputed global certification bodies. With footprints in multiple locations across the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia, its client list has one of the world's most admired company, one of the world's largest financial services firm, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical company, one of the largest social networking service in the world, one of the largest mass media and information firm in the world and more.

In the forthcoming years the company intends to create a new benchmark in the learning space. Their vision is to “Become the company most known for driving sustainable change in the way organizations deliver service to their customers”

Core Purpose of CtrlX : “To contribute to our client’s success by helping them discover their capabilities and profitably delight their customers”