Meltwater Experia: Enhancing Business Communications through Contemporary Media Marketing

The media sector has taken several strides forward and has immensely evolved with time. The past few years have witnessed online and social media gain an increasing chunk of the marketing budget. This twist in the tale has paved a way for the corporate world to taste different flavors in media marketing. However, not many companies in the sector allow clients the freedom to work without being bound by long-ended contracts. Meltwater Experia, a Mumbai based advertising and marketing firm works to give makes that possible and always ensures that only the best of the creatives are served to clients. Creating highly transparent and tightly connected customer communications, today this firm is an intelligence platform to help its clients stay on top of online conversations, extract relevant insights and use them to strategically drive brand perception.

Established in 2007 in Dubai, the firm shifted its base operations to Mumbai in the year 2011, with vested interests in Dehli and Bangalore. Being the brainchild of two individuals Prashant Rathee and Bhawna Sansanwal, the firm brings in rich business ethics and strictly adheres to the basic principle of communication and trust. Moreover, offering a full-service palette is what Meltwater Experia prides itself in. “It’s the lack of an extra effort on a regular basis that left clients shortchanged in annual contracts and kept them wishing for more. And that’s where working with us makes a difference,” says Prashant Rathee, Director, Meltwater Experia.

The media industry is in the midst of a digital transformation as advances in technology and infrastructure continue to reshape how, where and when content and information are consumed. Perceiving this, the firm brings expertise in strategy, marketing, communications and the digital media sector and has helped many organizations, trade & membership associations and technology-driven companies improve their operating models and results.

“We’ve had the privilege to work alongside various globally recognized brands, covering various markets. Our full roster of services allows us the ability to integrate our communications across all platforms and channels to maximize the benefit to our clients, for better ROI and ultimately, towards
CIO Vendor better brand recall in a lucrative manner for both parties involved,” proudly says Bhawna Sansanwal, Director, Meltwater Experia.

Aiming to forge partnerships and building relationship, the firm thrives on the ability to make a difference in high-impact situations and delivers sustainable bottom-line results. “We perceive our client’s reality and deliver true results focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. Apart from that we align our incentives with our client’s objectives,” adds Prashant. BMW Group Abu Dhabi, British American Tobacco, British Petroleum, Radisson Blu Dubai, Abu Dhabi Ports Co., PZ Cussons, Crate & Barrel, Bridgestone Tyres, Virgin Group Middle East are a few of the names that have put their trust in this dynamic company.

Helping clients to master new skill sets and develop media management strategies that integrate their business models with the growth platforms of the future, Meltwater Experia has come a long way since its inception. “As of 2015, we’ve ventured to the Far East and our Singapore Office went live mid-year. We’ve already received lots of love and attention there, and naturally, we’re gunning for more,” adds Bhawna. The firm is all set to make hay while the sun shines and is looking forward to expand to the APAC region by setting foot in Kuala Lumpur.