Carmine Communications: Master Craftsmen in Image Building

CIO Vendor Innovative ideas and creative communication strategies have been helping companies in building strong brand identities for years now. Requiring expertise assistance and guidance, companies often rely on PR agencies to help them create a strong brand name in the market. The demand for image building thus requires proficient support and Minesh Raja and Neville Carvalho together established Carmine Communications in the year 2008 to help companies do the same.“We set up a boutique consultancy firm offering expert PR services. Our basic motive behind establishing Carmine was to create an approach for image building using creativity and innovation and helping people to sustain that image in the market for a long period of time,” defines Minesh.
The company is presently headquartered in Mumbai and has another office in Delhi. Offering a range of services in credibility building, advocacy and public affairs, crisis management, digital marketing services and corporate social responsibility, Carmine has set a strong foothold in the media industry. Gratifying clients with high-end results is the organization’s ultimate aim. The Carmine team strategically plans and implements effective corporate communication campaigns by creating participative platforms for some respected business houses, social organizations, government authorities and ministries in India. “Image building is our key product which involves a lot of lateral thinking combined with astute business acumen,” informs Neville. Team Carmine’s main focus is to educate their clients with the correct approach to image building and help them to sustain in the market holding a positive reputation.

Image building is our key product which involves a lot of lateral thinking combined with astute business acumen.

Building on the Strong Foundations of Business Acumen, Knowledge and Experience
Setting up a new business is always a big challenge for proprietors and it was no different for Minesh and Neville. It was hard for them to win the confidence and trust of the clients since they were new to the business. “Most of the clients initially were skeptical about moving away from an established PR firm and putting their trust in a young organization that lacked experience,” adds Minesh. But that view changed when they saw how the team crafted ideas and implemented strategies that even large PR companies simply couldn’t match. “Our team is set with experienced personnel with sharp business acumen and hence we offer our services not only realizing what our agency requires to do but also understanding what the clients want,” explains Neville. Astute business acumen, Knowledge, experience and a creative approach to PR thus became the reasons which helped them acquire clients during their initial days and the clientele increased with time.
While mentioning the stupendous services delivered to their clients, Minesh also talks about the success of Carmine’s communication program while working with Salaam Bombay Foundation to mobilize opinion in support of the Tobacco and Pan Masala ban in Maharashtra. In addition to it, Neville adds, “Our PR strategy also worked successfully for Kohinoor hospital as they observed an increase in footfall after we strategized apposite plans for them and executed the same proficiently.” The duo has successfully managed to grab appreciation from their clients while working with varied industries such as real estate, healthcare, retail, banking and finance, FMCG, manufacturing and social sector. They are also willing to expand Carmine’s working spheres to Hyderabad and Bangalore along with strengthening its digital services in the upcoming days.