Celeste Solutions: Enabling Brands to Outstand in the Market

CIO Vendor Brand marketing and advertising has become an inevitable practice in a market more competitive than ever before. Big brands have the luxury of affording in-house branding and advertisement teams or organizations based out of metro cities the privilege of appointing celebrated advertising firms who levy huge pay cheques. But when it comes to brands from the other parts of India, the non-metro cities, such practices are either done by nonprofessionals or are neglected all together. Perceiving the glaring gap in the advertising space and the lack of adroit services, Sanatan Baweja along with his peers founded Celeste Solutions in 2009. The aim was to provide brands in Chandigarh with creative solutions in terms of brand development and advertising practices.
When Celeste was commenced as a consultancy equipped with industry experts and creative and strategic dexterity, the advertising and branding market in Chandigarh was highly unexplored and untapped. Thus, building a brand and creating a business flow was never easy for Sanatan Baweja, Director of Celeste Solutions. Educating brands to avail branding and advertising services to ensure enriched business values was a tough task for the management. “But slowly, there was a turnaround in thinking as an increasing number of small and medium enterprises started seeking our help in designing their marketing communications and thanks to this we are now financially and professionally firmly ensconced,” elucidates Sanatan.
The members of team Celeste come with a superior and in

With the help of a variety services, Celeste helps the clients to tailor the vision and mission of their companies and businesses at par the in dynamics and requirements of the industry and market

depth know-how of the industry across various domains like brand positioning, marketing, designing and so on. Celeste, which commenced exclusively as a graphic design agency now flaunts itself with a whole gamut of out-of-the-box solutions and services. Graphics and promotional material design, website development, social media management, marketing research and online & ground activation of strategies are just some of the services offered at Celeste.
Being a slick and efficient company empowered by a concordat of erudite talent pool, understanding the clients’ requirements and delivering apt solutions becomes coherent that too in a shorter turnaround time. With the help of a variety of services, Celeste helps clients to tailor their vision and mission to suit the dynamics and requirements of the current industry trends. This enables a better customization of the target audience for clients and ensures better results and business propositions.
The inclusive policy at Celeste has ensured a speedy growth and success in a very short time. “Working as media managers of major political party in elections, as creative consultants of a leading business group of the country, being hired as strategists for leading hospitality concerns in different parts of the world have been our key milestones,” says Sanjay. The company aspires to expand to Delhi-NCR region and partner with other bigwigs in the advertising milieu for a countrywide presence. Establishing a training institute for business executives is also in the organization’s to-do list. A bright and eventful future beckons Celeste and it is all set to adding value to more brands with its adept and creative solutions.