Swavin Business Consultants: Infusing Efficiency into International Trade and Business Management

In the present era, need for consulting support has become common among businesses. Be it any business operation, entrepreneurs are often found in the middle of situations, where specialized support from consulting firms is desired. The solutions that consultancies bring for businesses are innumerable. Their service portfolios don’t just help lifting a business’ efficiency but also help them reap multiple benefits that companies engaged in international trade are eligible for. Also, the responsibility of handling financial issues and related business management issues lie with them. One of the consultancies that brought expertise and customized solutions for international trade to the market is Swavin Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 1992, this company emerged to deal with the issues that businesses face in terms of international trade, government schemes related to exports and business management.

The professional consulting solutions that assure tangible financial gain to the clients have made Swavin a celebrated name in the consulting sector.

Headquartered in Pune, Swavin was an initiative by Founder & Managing Director Avinash Foujdar along with Swati Foujdar. Both coming from accountancy and taxation profession. He founded the company considering the booming state of international trade under the liberalization regime. The company came with a service portfolio which comprised of specialized and customized solutions for international trade. In its years of infancy, the company faced numerous roadblocks in terms of influencing businesses for availing outsourcing solutions and adapting to the well-needed changes for improved business operations. Besides, inadequate documentation procedures, lack of procedural and legal awareness were the other hurdles that Swavin had to deal with. Avinash adds, “We hold deep knowledge and understanding of the policies and procedures related to international trade. We have identified certain areas of incentives, large quantum of benefits for some of the companies which otherwise, just by reading the policies, couldn’t identify the benefits. We have a vision of providing strategic, wise, authentic and innovative solutions through our network”.

The Swavin team utilized the initial few years well to overcome the challenges and within a decade, successfully added leading names from the manufacturing and service sector to its clientele.
CIO Vendor The major reason for the organization’s success is its ability to provide complete access to the advantages that businesses are eligible for. For this, the company addressed all the issues appearing before its clients including documentation, procedural lapses, knowledge, skills, trained resources and systems. The professional consulting solutions that assure tangible financial gain to the clients have made Swavin a celebrated name in the consulting sector. For all the international trade transactions, the company extends support in terms of legal compliance. Swavin including names such as Blue Star, JCB, Honeywell, Tata Motors, Hyundai, Mercedez Benz, Syngenta, Thermax, Cummins, NPCIL and Sandvik among its clients.

Other than International Trade related services, Swavin team is providing certain customized solution in respect of Cost and Benefit Management related activities, Investment matters, Management Decision Support System, Accounting and Taxation matter, Resource training, development and deployment, etc.
For over two decades, the company has been attaining significant growth. The average growth rate for the organization for the past three years has been more than 25 percent. Besides, it was also nominated for the leading SMEs of India 2014 Awards. Another major testimony that says much in the favour of this consulting firm is the rating by CRISIL, which it received for moderate performance capability & high financial strength.In the years ahead, the organization is eyeing a fast paced growth with the thought of inducing technical pulse into its solutions. Swavin, in the near future, plans to utilize technology to deliver customized solutions. One of the steps in this direction has already been initiated in the form of delivering web hosted solutions for international trade. Beyond this, the company also aims to expand in the services sector. Detailing the expansion plans, Avinash says, “We will launch our technology enabled services through franchise and partnership models in coming years.”