Outgrow Consulting: Ground-Breaking Assistance to the SME Sector

Consultation business has been witnessing an upward graph during the last few years and professional consultants prevailing in this space have managed to maintain its pulse high. Experts like the Big Four often put higher rate of attention towards the big corporate houses leaving a zilch assistance towards the SMEs. A vacuum thus formed in the space gave rise to Outgrow Consulting that entered the market in order to assist the SME sector. Witnessing a sturdy growth since 2013 the consultancy is presently located in Delhi and possesses different branches across the world. Emphasizing purely on the SMEs, the enterprise is led by Navin Jha, CEO, along with few other professionals with profound experiences.
Venturing into a new business consists of a lot of hard work. The initial days require special struggle to embrace a position and to keep the pace in the race. “Initially, there was reluctance in hiring of our services. Some entrepreneurs could not fathom how we as outsiders could bring about a turnaround when they had failed despite their best endeavor. While some others gave us the chance with a dash of skepticism,” enlightens Navin. His team carries out every possible way to bring the best services to the table of which the company’s service model demands a special mention. The enterprise has built four work streams which are, value consulting, HR & recruitment solutions, capital acquisition/loan re-structuring and outsourcing to help their clients getting a clear vision, 100% compliance, efficient and robust processes, better finance, larger brand visibility, etc.

Working with multiple industries including manufacturers, commercial brands, technical companies, MNCs and many more the enterprise has set a trademark in the segment

Assistance to Overcome Hindrances
“The challenges that our SME clients face are manifold and varied.Most primal of these challenges are lack of a robust business strategy & long-term planning, hiring & retention of professional talent operational inefficiencies, poor financial & capital management, inadequate governance & control,” explains Navin.
CIO Vendor Focusing on all these areas the consultancy tries to bring unique approach as per the needs of the clients. The in-depth knowledge of the team keeps its clients abreast with the excellent solutions that too at an affordable cost. In addition to the above statement, he also said, “Our working strategy approves success as we deeply focus on our professional, methodical and scientific approach to things to hit the mark in minimal time.”The pragmatic thoughts prevailing in the house also help them to serve in various ways including business strategy, operations management, human capital, financial management, ERP solution, CFO solutions, investment advisory and set - up of Greenfield/ Brownfield service delivery operations.
Present and Future Commitments
Illustrating the uniqueness of the company Navin says, “Our biggest differentiator is the fact that our servicing model does not end at publishing a solution paper and exiting on the client. Rather, we continue to engage well enough for further implementation of the solution, until it is driven toward its logical end of realizing tangible measurable benefits.” Working with multiple industries including manufacturers, commercial brands, technical companies, MNCs and many more the enterprise has set a trademark in the segment. While praising his efficient team he says, “Our bright and young employees bring us immense pride with the fresh ideas and passion.” However, aiming to make a deeper market penetration during the near future the company is also trying to focus on enlarging their presence within all their work-streams. Concluding on this Navin says, “By the end of 2017, we are planning to increase the workforce to more than 150 along with holding branches across all major metros.”