CEO Serve: Providing Result Oriented Integrated Business Consulting Services to Startups and SMEs

Early stage businesses need truly unbiased and actionable advice to grow and achieve their goals. To that end, advice from management consultants can be critical to entrepreneurs in terms of overcoming issues they face on a daily basis and move forward with their plans. Consultants can look at the big picture and examine everything holistically; from the initial concept to the business plan, market research, company structure, branding needs and post-launch sustenance strategies. Even in SME space, professional management services can turn things around for troubled companies and help their businesses get off the ground. Realizing the prevailing lack of organized holistic business consulting service providers in the SME and startup space—a booming segment in India currently, PVS Prakasam and G Rama Harish decided to provide an organized set of consulting services. In April 2010 they founded CEO Serve in Hyderabad, India.

Over the last 5 years, the company has worked with more than 60 clients across South India and clocked Rs 91 lakhs in revenues in FY 2014-15

CEO Serve was primarily established to provide results focused holistic business solutions to SMEs and Start-ups. By adopting a productization strategy in its service offerings, the company has developed products to meet the needs of businesses in every stage of the growth cycle. For start-ups, the company provides Business Inception services to enable an entrepreneur to convert his business idea into a start-up. For established SMEs, CEO Serve offers Institution Building services which focuses on laying the foundation for growth and future expansion plans. CEO Serve offers Performance Improvement services, a wholesome package of cross functional tools, to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. The Company also offers business growth, transaction advisory and fund raising services depending on the needs of the business. PVS Prakasam, Founder adds, “Our productization strategy and established delivery methodologies helps us to rapidly implement changes in a cost-effective manner.”
CEO Serve is one of the few boutique consulting firms with a specialized cross functional consulting team.
The SME and start-up segment is primarily addressed
CIO Vendor by freelancers and small consulting practices each with expertise in a single functional domain, while the need of the hour is for organization level transformational interventions which require multi-function expertise. While clients appreciated the benefits of business level solutions, the company however had to face several challenges initially; establishing credibility and trust among customers was not easy. Additionally, displaying tangible results in a short period is never easy, a factor that particularly worked against company’s initial growth. G Rama Harish, Co-Founder & CEO, explains, “Right from the beginning, interest in the value proposition of our offerings was very high and it was never difficult to get a hearing from customers, but convincing our clients on the outcomes and RoI was tough. We learned from our initial experiences and devised suitable pricing structures and strengthened our execution strategies.”
CEO Serve positions itself as the second-line-of-management to the entrepreneurs. The company works with Start-ups and SMEs, primarily in manufacturing, food and agri, IT/eCom and supply chain industries. The Company has a network of business partners and Consultants to serve its clients. Over the last five years, the company has worked with more than 60 clients across South India. Currently, the company is strengthening its expertise in the B2C sectors. CEO Serve is planning geographic expansion and new product development. Establishing a pan-India presence in the next 18 months and doubling revenues every year for the next three years are its immediate targets. With its business consulting solutions already reaping rich dividends, CEO Serve has built a strong credibility among its clients and envisions developing deeper roots in the years ahead.