P(x): Branding Ideas from a Young Brigade

CIO Vendor Adolf Hitler once famously said, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future”. The thought stays relevant to this day as youth is the backbone of a civilized society and it has proved to be the reason for the success of P(x), an advertising agency which is managed by a young brigade. Njarakkadan Ajeesh, the founder was a chemical engineer by profession who later grew into an advertising genius. “We call ourselves brand idea creators rather than an advertising agency or a brand consultant,” he says while describing how his team works. For him and his team, brand building requires creative skills, visualization power and proper orientation of the idea set and implementation of the above. Their brand BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) model has its unique quality which makes them different form the other key players of the space.

Bangalore is the operational centre of the organization from where the team helps their clients in brand formation applying a holistic and cyclic approach. “Creation of a brand requires the involvement of different facets in order to enhance the quality provided. These facets include nurturing a brand from its initial stage to the time it sets an identity in the market,” Ajeesh defines.
For him brand building is like nourishing a baby with proper care that includes brand identity development, outdoor advertising, packaging, brochure designing, website building, strategy making on promotional activities to attract customers and many more. “Strategizing does not give the desired result always. Execution of the same is equally important to bring out the high-end quality in the services we provide,” he proclaims. His team has managed to satisfy clients with their hard work, creative skills and have created a strong niche in the brand building sector.

P(X) has managed to satisfy clients with their hard work, creative skills and have created a strong niche in the brand building sector

Playing a vital role in the realm of branding solutions, team P(x) has faced tough times during their inception. Defining their starting days he says, “It was not easy for us to earn success within such a short span of time. Our preliminary days were tough since we faced fund crunch and it was even harder to convince clients to work with us. People were not ready to join a startup then.” Most of the team members joined the brand building business right after having completed their college degrees. The lack of industry experience restricted many companies from working with them. Although the team was young and lacked experience, their dedication, determination and will to succeed made a great difference.

With a motto to expand in the Middle East soon, the company is aiming to acquire more clients. The P(x) team has put in effort to bring in more business and while working with big names in diverse sectors such as, FMCG, Real Estate, IT, Beverages etc. the pack of young professionals concentrate on being unique and creative.