Bramma Learning Solutions: The Business Make Over Maverick

CIO Vendor Profit making is the end objective of almost every business and SMEs are no different. Entrepreneurs thus look for external support to enhance their working strategies and to increase their revenue scale. To bring in effective results with its apposite services, Bramma Solutions, a consultancy working in the arena of strategy making started its voyage in 2008. Throughout the last decade Sajeev Nair, Founder, Bramma Learning Solutions continuously was at the receiving end of enquiries for guidance and assistance from several small and medium scale businesses. Having given this a thought and aided by the implementation skills of Ranjith A.R., CEO he decided to build an organization and thus Bramma was founded. The organization started its journey with three clients but with time and hard work the number of clients gradually increased.
Dealing with Clients’ Conservative Approach
Headquartered in Kochi the company delivers its end to end services to different parts of Kerala. “Consulting was not commonplace in Kerala when we started out and many were doubtful about the need of a consultant. Conservative businessmen were not aware about the opportunities and convenience a consultant could bring to the table,” says Ranjith. Though the duo was faced with several hardships at various stages of their seven year journey, but their optimistic outlook and confidence helped them to build a strong foothold in the consultancy market. “Our success stories changed the scenario and people started believing in us. This gradually helped us in receiving more references and consequently we managed to acquire a good number of clients,” explains Sajeev.
Reshaping Businesses
Another factor that brought in several clients is the end to end services provided by the consultancy also called as business make over. These services start from analyzing the vision of a company it is working with to the proper implementation of preplanned approaches. “If there is no proper vision, mission, goals in any company, then we set it for them through vision setting exercises and mind mappings,” defines Sajeev. Furthermore, the organization works on strategy making by developing a proper business model, restructuring the organization, designing and developing KRAs, KPIs for each staff, etc. In addition to these, team Bramma also works in skill development program by recruiting the best talents and conducting high power training sessions. “Unlike many other consulting companies, we make sure that the system we design is implemented in the organization by proper follow up,” adds Ranjith.

A makeover in the company took place in 2015 where it takes care of several activities including marketing strategies, process systemization and financial assistance

From the very beginning, Bramma aimed to create successes in the SME sector by professionalizing their internal systems and procedures. Though it was a tough task but their effort to achieve it has made them shine as one of the biggest brand names in the realm of SME businesses in Kerala. “We started with just three employees and today the number has gone up to eighteen full time employees along with 12 part time domain experts assisting our team,” confirms Sajeev. While bringing successes at different stages of its journey Bramma started its operation in the Gulf region in 2011. The organization got a makeover in 2015 as it added activities such as marketing strategies, process systemization and financial assistance to its repertoire. The company has witnessed a sturdy growth in five different countries along with creating social awareness programs across the nation and is planning to start business courses, joint ventures and funding platforms soon.