Xebec Communications: Building Brands in the Connected World

In today’s modern world, a brand has great significance. Be it apparel, electronic gadgets, travel or any other commodity or service, a consumer’s buying decision is affected greatly by the brand.Therefore, from small retail companies, to top corporate houses, every business must concentrate on brand building to stand out, be noticed and generate more business. To provide businesses with the right marketing support and exceptional branding solutions, Xebec Business & Brand Consulting was founded in 2014. A part of Xebec Communications Private Limited, an advertising agency founded in 1992, the organization aims to serve mid-sized businesses that desire to achieve more success in the long run.

Xebec helps companies in scaling up by creating an integrated brand footprint in today’s progressively digital,connected world.

According to Kiran Bhat, Chairman and MD, Xebec works with existing businesses and assists them to become a profitable and sustainable company. Furthermore, it helps companies scale up by creating an integrated digital footprint in today’s progressively connected world. With a focus on building, restructuring, integrating and rejuvenating the businesses and brands of its clients, the company provides strategic marketing and branding consultation, which includes the creation of a relevant ecosystem in its customers’ organizations. These activities include integrated and creative digital offerings by creating various revenue streams for its customers. Xebec takes up end to end entire marketing solutions for its clients in order to help them cove grate on their or service with ease.

Filling up the Gap with business & Communication Strategy
Branding is the key activity in the marketing domain, however many businesses fail to act on this efficiently. Xebec observed that several of its clients who had set up businesses about a decade ago, were unable to reach their targeted potential due to the lack of good marketing support.Therefore, to fill up this gap and to support such companies with the best possible solutions, Xebec strategically works on branding and marketing processes by implementing them with expertise thereby bringing business growth /profit to its clients. The consultancy plays the role of an advisor and
Confronting Challenges
implementer and assists its customers to integrate into the digital world as well.
Challenges are inevitable for any startup. During its initial days, Xebec struggled with all the initial start up hiccups. Finance, processes . All the challenges of setting up an organization. However, the company overcame these roadblocks owing to its hard work, dedication, delivering innovative ideas to companies and staying ahead of the times. The organization brings strategic thoughts, implementation and innovation together in one package along with a unique business model. Its assistance towards several national & regional brands such as Phoenix Market City, RamojiFilm City, Cox & Kings, VBHC, Brugge (India’s premium chocolate brand), GAIA, Gitanjali and many more, defines how it overcame various challenges and retained its position in the market by delivering quality work. It even helped several educational institutes such as University, Symbiosis UPES, etc to improve their reach and develop their communication. It has also worked with several start ups like ECO RECO, Rite Bite, Faber, etc.

Xebec Communications has a clear road map ahead. Despite having grown several times over since its inception, it continues to aim at gaining accelerated growth in the years to come by contributing to client’s business and expanding its business overseas. With this thought in mind they have already started a branch in Dubai. The company is also working towards launching its own product which would contain IPR which would not only help its clients but also the industry.
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