Lopamudra Creative: Empowering Organizations with Creative Advertisement Services

CIO Vendor Creativity in advertising has its own significance. For corporates looking for a marketing edge, creative advertisement is a powerful tool. It increases efficiency, and builds memorable and longer lasting brand following faster than any other medium. When combined with technology, creative advertisements ensure maximum success and highest returns on marketing campaigns. Chandan Wadhwa, an industry veteran spent several years in various colleges and design firms and thus realized that advertisements in various media, even from reputed companies lack creativity. He identified that this space provides ample opportunities to make a significant difference. Keeping this in mind and possessing an innate zeal to embark on an entrepreneurial venture, he founded Lopamudra Creative in 2008. Providing comprehensive creative services in time bound manner was the sole motto with which he started the company.
Lopamudra primarily focuses on creativity quotient (CQ) in client’s branding and advertising efforts. Working closely with each client in every phase of delivery, the company understands a client’s branding requirements and their long term goals. By deploying innovative ideas and cutting edge technologies, and banking on its team of creative professionals, it offers an array of services to its elite clients. Among its services are: Web and digital consulting, Creative consulting, Creative design, Software & UI/UX, Brand Strategy and Identities, Advertising and activations, Mobile and Tablet Apps and more. The company, with its holistic approach, provides quality services in market competitive prices.
Lopamudra spends heavily in keeping abreast with changing technologies
and industry standard practices. As technology evolves, the organization adapts to its pace, and in the process, stays much ahead of its competitors. The company regularly upgrades its technology processes by integrating newer and breakthrough technologies in the field. It also invests heavily in research on communication psychology and measuring effectiveness in a consumer’s reaction to its creative solutions. Lopamudra’s technology laden services have helped its clients run several successful online campaigns. Besides, the company’s core competency lies in its ability to design web portals and web apps with intuitive user interface (UI) and exceptional user experience (UX). The company counts its creative work in various media such as web, digital, outdoor, print and motion as its forte.

With its client education programs and quality services year-after-year, Lopamudra over a span of last seven years has built a strong reputation among its clients

With its client education programs and quality services year-after-year, Lopamudra over a span of last seven years has built a strong reputation among its clients. It got the opportunity to serve many prestigious clients such as HCL, Nokia, TOSHIBA, Gramin, JKTYRE, Kenstar and more. Chandan, founding director of Lopamudra, spells, “We followed what our clients wanted—RESULTS and QUALITY WORK, and today they trust our decisions and advices which eventually fetches them great results.” Lopamudra’s in-house design strategies, deliverables and services set it apart from its competitors. Chandan says, “Our services are tangible and easily quantifiable in terms of returns on investment (ROI).”
The company provides enough flexibility to its employees and provides industry leading remunerations, a factor that has helped it retain some of the industry’s best creative talents. The company plans to increase its employee strength to 50 and have an international office in Dubai. Going forward, it plans to build web and mobile apps with revolutionary concepts. Quality work along with quick deliverables remains Lopamudra creative mantra to success.