The Social People: Amalgamating Marketing and Digital Technology to Deliver Solutions for Growth

CIO Vendor Change is the pulse of growth and no business can refrain from adapting to a change well needed. The same approach followed the evolution of social media in the era when very few businesses knew how to use the social tools to ramp up their empires to the next level. Most of them were aware of the potential that the social channels brought, but none of them knew how to channelize the power of social media into their businesses. Moving to the social channels for the benefit of their businesses was something that had to be dealt with. Viral Thaker understood these market sentiments well and founded The Social People, a provider of social media and integrated digital marketing solutions. Founded in 2010, this Chennai based organization started with consulting services as the primary business, which later evolved as a full-fledged digital and social media technology firm.
Viral founded The Social People as an effort to tap businesses seeking to leverage social media to build their brands or market products. The company majorly offers strategic marketing solutions such as integrated digital marketing, experimental marketing, predictive marketing, and content marketing. The Social People deals with atypical problems of businesses. The company has worked on effective projects for re-launch of brands, formulation of effective marketing strategy within a restricted budget and so on. Viral explains, “The projects that we work on majorly surround the launch or re-launch of a product or a brand, or re-positioning of a brand or a product.” The Social People has aced the art of handling unique marketing demands and challenges faced by businesses.
Like any other start-up, The Social People faced numerous challenges before
establishing itself as an acclaimed player. The biggest roadblock for the company was influencing clients for the significance of engagement over the number of likes on their social media channels.
Viral adds, “It was a tough challenge and I feel this challenge still exists in some way or the other. However, a lot of brands have now started understanding the importance of brand equity over the narrow minded short term lead generation mind-set.” The company works on channelizing the brand communication and thereafter enhancing the marketing communication for clients.
The Social People has handled big budget branding projects for companies ranging from start-ups to huge brands from hospitality, technology, real estate, entertainment, e-Commerce, e-governance and healthcare. Some of these include Medall, Adrenalin eSystems, SQS Software India (formerly Thinksoft Global), Crown Plaza and Govt. of Tamil Nadu among others.
The Social People emphasises on branding and marketing communication as the major elements leading to business growth. Viral adds, “We don’t immediately focus on mechanical things such as PPC and SEO; these are tactical tools that catalyse the marketing efforts. Instead we focus on the fundamental essence called marketing and branding, I prefer calling it the “Outreach” program.You have a brand and you want to establish it, we’ll do that for you in a long term organic, systematic and self-sustained manner.” Besides, technology is a driving force for the company. Qontifi serves as a testimony for the same. This social media intelligence tool developed by The Social People provides critical analytics for social presence, intelligence and related market elements. By the end of this year, the organization is planning to release the Alpha phase of Qontifi with a cloud based subscription model. Besides, the organization eyes augmented reality as the focus of its future efforts. Given the organization’s expertise and right approach towards building brands, The Social People is on an upward growth trajectory.

The Social People emphasises on branding and marketing communication as the major elements leading to business growth.