Thought Starters: Creating End to End Solutions for Thought Leadership Marketing

Brand positioning is a major aspect of how a company is perceived among its customers. A brand’s image significantly relies on how it is projected. It considerably affects the acceptance for a brand in a competitive marketplace. However, not every organization understands or values the concept of brand positioning through building thought leadership. Most of the companies are generally found aiming at marketing without laying any emphasis on how the brand showcases thought leadership. This concept received due attention from Karthik Nagendra, an experienced professional beholding experience in this emerging marketing field. Karthik during his professional journey of over a decade found thought leadership marketing to be a crucial element for assured business growth. He then chose it to be the way ahead for him and established Thought Starters, a thought leadership marketing company. Founded in 2013, the company brings along a new approach for branding, which aims to position a brand in its field through best-in-class content.
To introduce and establish itself in the evolving marketing field, Thought Starters took some time and a sustained effort. “One of the significant challenges for us was to make businesses understand the significance of thought leadership. To let this concept earn their faith was a major challenge,” says Karthik. To deal with this challenge, the team at Thought Starters came up with focussed market education strategy that comprised of sustained content marketing efforts, media relations, speaking at leading conferences, showcasing sucess stories & running client centric workshops. CIO Vendor
This resulted in slowly companies begining to understand the value it could bring to their brands.

Thought Starters in a short span of time has carved a niche for its services.The company understands the value of a brand’s thought leadership position and thus aims at changing the marketing landscape for businesses.

In a short span of time, Thought Starters has carved a niche for itself in the industry. The company understands the value of a brand’s thought leadership position and thus aims at changing the marketing landscape for businesses, acvordingly. Among the services, it counts Corporate Positioning, Research and Publishing, Influencer Engagement, Content Marketing, and developing flagship thought leadership eventd. Thought Starters majorly serves the knowledge-driven sectors such as Information Technology, Education, Healthcare, and Social enterprises. At present, it serves companies based across Asia, while in the future it aims to reach out to the B2B companies based in China, Middle East, and Israel.
Karthik adds, “Our aim is to become synonymous to thought leadership marketing in India.” With its remarkable performance, the company has expanded at a significant pace and has developed successful thought leadership programs for 30 leading global brands. The company also contributes to the industry through numerous B2B conferences conducted for thought leadership. In the years ahead, the organization aims to make thought leadership, a known and well-accepted concept among B2B companies and to expand to other knowledge-driven sectors as well. Thought Starters also looks forward to collaborate with educational institutions to set up a thought leadership certificate program for working executives and students. With interesting plans underway, the organization is on its way to gain greater success.