FruitBowl Digital: Adding Freshness to the Arena of Digital Marketing

The 2nd decade of the new millennium saw a paradigm shift in the global trends, the digital landscape and the rise of a new order – Social Media. Digital, the buzzword was no longer limited to website design. Connecting with audience got a lot easier with the entry of social media, making customer communication more intimate and possibilities endless.
The young entrepreneurial dynamic duo Faisal Amin and Dedeepya Reddy, who were always enthralled by advertising saw this as an opportunity to sculpt their ideas of digital marketing and branding into the foundation of FruitBowl Digital in 2011.
Faisal Amin, Co-Founder & Business Development Head and Dedeepya Reddy Co-Founder & Head Media and Strategy, conceived the idea of starting a digital marketing and advertising agency during their MBA. “We wanted to do something amazing. Something that would help brands talk human!”says Faisal. The duo strongly believes that in a world where a user is bombarded with more than 3000 different messages in a day, design is what sets our communication apart as it inspires a choice architecture around a product which helps it to stand out amongst its parallels.
FruitBowl was founded at a time when the concept of digital marketing was a prototype yet to be experimented with. Thus convincing clients to go digital in terms of marketing, especially with a team of just two young enthusiasts, was overly exigent. Even if the ideas were stupendous, clients were hesitant about the fruitfulness of the campaigns. But no hurdles were strong enough to hold the founders back from giving life to their dream. Their diligence and fresh ideas aided them to cross all hurdles with ease.
With profound experience in brand consultation,strategic execution, creative CIO Vendor
advertising, marketing, business development and a passion for the digital space, they have been adding brilliance to FruitBowl’s exclusive services. The company’s roster of services include social media marketing, email and CRM, experiential marketing, designing, UI/UX design, web and app development, brand communication, media planning and buying, strategy and planning, E-campaigns, online reputation management and advertising. The team of over 60 efficient and young talents has been creating a compelling success story for the organization.

Giving more priority to talent and passion than fancy degrees, Fruitbowl takes pride in being a tight knit group of young, enthusiastic and fresh professionals

In a short span FruitBowl has won over some of India’s most celebrated brands such as Mumbai metro, Reliance Energy, Zodiac, Mahindra, Murugappa Group, Vadilal Icecream, BMW, Welspun Group, Saint Gobain, Waghbakri, Cloud9 to name a few in the list of 120+ clients. Their unique ideas and designs have earned them multiple coveted awards such as “Best CSR activity in Asia Pacific” for Young Energy Savers, the CSR wing of Reliance Energy and “Top 50 digital marketing professionals in India 2014” for Faisal Amin.
Giving more priority to talent and passion than fancy degrees, the company takes pride in being a tight knit group of young, enthusiastic and fresh professionals. With Dilip Jain and Rajdeep Patil at the forefront of Operations and Design at Fruitbowl India and a strong presence in USA, the agency is all set to conquer the European and Middle East markets.
Fruitbowl has massive expansion plans in Dubai, which has a huge and scarcely explored the digital media market and is looking forward for investors with a foothold in UAE to execute things with perfection.The entrepreneur duo has plans to initiate two more start-ups and strengthen their mobile marketing wing. With all the progress and the plans sketched for the upcoming years, FruitBowl aspires to be amongst the top 10 digital marketing consultancies in both India and abroad without forgetting to stay fresh.