Innovation Central Int'l: Amalgamating Innovation with Strategy to Deliver Marketing Solutions

Marketing is the core of every business which, if compromised can cause great destruction to an organization. The quote “Business has only two functions – Marketing and Innovation” by Milan Kundera rightly defines how crucial both of these elements are. This approach was adopted well by Innovation Central Int’l, a marketing consulting company based in the national capital. The company was founded by Achal Kaushal in 2008. Innovation Central was established to help small and mid-sized enterprises design their marketing campaigns. Another major objective to introduce this organization was to infuse innovation with marketing and deliver solutions that elevate its clients’ businesses. Beyond its marketing solutions, Innovation Central also offers solutions for Retail, Online Business, Strategic Alliance, Business Development, Liquidating Inventory, and Innovative Media Planning.

The company while formulating strategies for its clients ensure they are result driven and are aligned with the clients’ objectives. Innovation Central also deals with every obstacle that may hinder execution of the strategies

Innovation Central was founded under the supervision and expertise of Founder and Director, Achal Kaushal who holds enriched experience of 30 years in the digital, e-commerce, and consulting sectors. While discussing the organization’s objectives, Achal says, “We focus on formulating the right marketing strategies for our clients, but we also ensure that said plans are implemented effectively.” The company while formulating strategies for its clients ensure they are aligned with the clients’ objectives. Innovation Central also deals with every obstacle that may hinder execution of the strategies.
Overcoming Obstacles
Building a successful organization from the ground up is no easy task and entrepreneurs often face various challenges. Innovation Central’s journey was no exception; Achal explains, “While we moved ahead to expand our clientele, one of the major challenges was to deal with clients, who preferred to partner with us, but were struggling with their budgets allocated for
CIO Vendor marketing activities.”
Innovation Central took these instances as an opportunity and came up with the idea of corporate barter, wherein the clients are enabled to liquidate goods that are lying unused and thereafter avail the services offered by the company. This was considered a viable option by the clients. While the company’s innovative solutions helped it get an edge over the competitors in the later years of its existence, the initial phase didn’t offer much to Innovation Central. Soon after the company’s establishment, global economic slowdown hit the markets and the repercussions were felt by the organization as well.
The company took almost two years to come out of this critical situation and to sustain its presence. Since then, the company has been progressing remarkably.
For every consulting company, the biggest objective is to efficiently deal with the challenges faced by its clients. Innovation Central considers this to be its prime motive, for which, it goes an extra mile and ensures that the clients they are dealing with hold on to a strong position in the market. Among its clients, Innovation Central counts Sahara Group, American Swan, Goldmax, and numerous others. In the years ahead, the company seeks to offer analytical solutions, wherein their clients can analyse the marketing campaigns and the results driven by them using a technological platform. The company is aiming third party solutions for the initial phase of its analytical solutions. However, it also has the vision to develop its own technological platforms for enhanced marketing and analytical solutions. This Delhi based marketing consulting company also aims to expand its operations to Bangalore and Mumbai in the near future.