Tatvaya Advertising: Creating Brands that Make a Difference

Steve Jobs once famously said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Design indeed remains a major element for advertising and branding efforts as well. When Amruta Pathak, a Copy Writer by profession realised the true value of designing and branding, she decided to venture out andform Tatvaya Advertising, anadvertising agencywith a unique difference. The mission of Tatvaya Advertising is “to change the face of design and to make people look at branding and advertising as major areas for businesses to grow.”“This is the ultimate goal of this agency. We want to do things differently and creatively,” explains Amruta. Headquartered in Mumbai, the agency was first established to focus on delivering advertising solutions, but with time, the company evolved as a brand consultancy. Amruta calls this evolution the need of the hour, since branding is a solution that every business desires. Considering this, the company narrowed its focus to brand consulting.
The Journey So Far
Tatvaya Advertising was brought to existence in 2012to offer branding solutions to businesses operating in varied sectors. From setting up a brand to handling research & strategy, designing creative elements such as logos and collaterals to mainstream designing, everything is managed by this agency.Beyond these branding solutions, Tatvaya also holds a digital arm, which extends digital marketing services. With its entire bouquet of solutions, the agency has served numerous brands across real estate, hospitality, turnkey, FMCG, healthcare, and food sectors.Few of the names they have served include Adlabs Imagica, Godrej, Ratnakar Bank, Pehnaava, andSkyline Group. Discussing about the clientele managed by the company, Founder & Chief Strategist, Amrutasays, “We are a start-up and over the years we have worked with many start-ups as well as big companies

Tatvaya, over the years, has delivered the best in terms of quality to each of its clients and thus, has been getting repetitive business from them.

operating in various sectors.”
Bigger the Challenge, Greater the Opportunity
No start-up company sails smooth during its initial years of existence andTatvaya Advertising too faced many challenges when it started its operations. Amruta elaborates, “Being a new company we faced challenges such as getting clients on board, or deciding on what kind of work we want to do.”However, the agency and its team have never fallen short of efforts when it comes to overcoming these challenges. They consider delivering qualitative work, be it design, concept, or strategy.Tatvaya, over the years, has delivered the best in terms of quality to each of its clients and thus, has been getting repetitive business from them.Among the biggest assignments, it counts the branding project it managed for the biggest theme park of the country. Tatvaya, while handling this project, worked on branding, from scratch including designing of the signage, posters, and collaterals in the park.
The agency has maintained the element of difference in its approach and operations. It has been operating as a company that doesn’t believe in spending unnecessarily and maintains the creative element in each of its deliverables. In the years ahead, this new age agency aims to explore new territories and to explorehow to integrate technology with mainstream media and thereafter to use technology to help brands grow.
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