Green Feather Business Solutions: Assisting in Digital Marketing and Branding Solutions

‘Marketing meets innovative digital approach’; This is the idea put forth by Sushant M Tripathi , Executive Director of Green Feather Business Solutions. “We are here to create brands. We work on branding and technical solutions with a global touch of technology in a cost-effective manner,” he says. This Gurgaon-based IT solution company works hard to promote an innovative approach in the domain of branding and digital marketing. Where branding today has a stupendous demand in the marketing sector there Green Feather projects their superiority providing remarkable branding solutions. While talking about the marketing business today, he expounds, “The technical evolution in the global business is ushering in several changes into various related sectors. Marketing, being one of them, is witnessing enhancement in its domain as well,”- making sense to the difference that technology can bring into the sector and using it to help make better business out of it.

Green Feather works on branding and technical solutions with a global touch of technology in a cost effective manner

Carving the marketing strategy by embracing technology, today, the firm is a perfect platform for the corporate houses that are keener to bring in an innovative touche to their marketing prospective. Having been in the market since 2011, the firm brings in well chiseled solutions such as inventory management system, ERP, payroll system, HRM solutions, e-commerce solutions, e-learning solutions, cloud application, mobile applications, customer relation management solutions and many more. However, Sushant observed that digitally inactive companies are looking at leveraging digital strategies to promote themselves more prominently. “To meet their demands, we sincerely nurture on digitalisation and satisfies our customers with brand building,” he explains.
Overcoming Challenges to Initiate Strategic Growth
Challenges! It's the hurdle that comes in priority for any startups. But, girdling them and sustaining in the long run needs determination and dedication. Green Feather has confronted such challenges and has overcome them capably. “The initial challenge that
CIO Vendor any business faces is to acquire clients and satisfy them with effective outcomes,” defines Sushant.
Even though, the initial days were tougher but, nothing hindered them from scoring a sixer. “One of the key challenges for us is to generate revenue for our clients’ businesses. We endeavor to identify the pulse of our clients and work to know their businesses well.This gradually helps us to increase their revenue scale,” Sushant elucidates. Apart from this, it works on building rightful impression in the market and retain the same in the long run.
A Strategised Start
As a beginner, Sushant and his team worked on SEO services and slowly proceeded to social media optimization. Going with a good flow on such services the team swiftly diverted to email marketing, telemarketing and later focused on mobile application development. Evolution in these aspects led the company to taste success within a short span of four years.
Prioritizing young and passionate talents, Sushant illuminates, “I started alone but today I have my team backing me up and we are growing every day.” Green Feather which is a part of Global Database of D&B is planning to build its own product along with its own commercial and advisory portal. “We are now entering in provisioning of cloud applications - PaaS and SaaS which will help any SMEs to lower its cost on Infrastructure and Data Handling by 60% in the most cost effective manner. We are also looking forward to launching B2B marketing approaches in the near future in order to acquire more revenue,” concludes Sushant.