Crow's Nest : A Ground-Breaking Assistance in Digital Marketing

While going through the news feeds or chatting with friends on social media, we often come across advertisements displaying on the right side of the screen. Even pop-up ads on computer screens often divert us to check out the respective websites. Be it a matrimonial site or an online shopping zone or a brand offering discounts, the human eye never fails to get distracted with lucrative offers. This human trait has encouraged entrepreneurs through years in building diverse marketing strategies for promoting their brands. However, be it a distraction or an attraction – the word “Marketing” has been highly influential in modern times and has always helped brands create a buzz. Evolution at the same time has been noticed in this domain starting from the traditional customer orientation policies of 1970s to the holistic marketing strategies of the 21st century. Growing with this evolution and adapting to the newer trends has facilitated many businessmen to gain an upper hand in the industry. Advisory tips or consultation views on marketing techniques also assisted in shaping up numerous companies with effective results.

Crow’s Nest renders consultation services in planning digital strategies, setting up ecommerce business, digital media buying and analyzing data to find insights for various businesses

A correct approach to digital marketing is always desirable among the business leaders. This leads to implementation of varied marketing activities such as SEO, SEM, content marketing, campaign marketing, social media marketing, etc. These emerging trends are also motivating new players to join the league by raising the competition to the next level. Entering in this tight competitive periphery, Samrat Mukherjee showed light to his dreams and established Crow’s Nest, a next generation digital communication company. His aim to outshine in the crowd by bringing in the value of traditional marketing to the digital marketing sector has made the company a successful warrior in the field. Centered in the heart of Kolkata, the company saw its first light in the year 2009. “I have worked with three companies earlier and simultaneously ventured in three businesses. All of them were related to media, marketing and communication. But, I always wanted to work with my own ideas. So I quit my third job and started working as a marketing and communication consultant,” says Samrat, CEO and Founder, Crow’s Nest.
Endeavor to Expertise
Being a core marketing and communication agency, Crow’s Nest’s focus remains on integrated campaigns which revolve around digital media. “We build digital assets with long term goals of content marketing as well as for periodic campaign of micro sites. We run lead generation campaigns of search marketing and also manage social media profiles such
CIO Vendor as managing Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram among others,” Samrat adds.
In addition to these, the organization renders consultation services in digital strategy planning, digital media buying and analyzing data to find insights for various businesses. It also runs advisory services to build and manage ecommerce business. Moreover, team Crow’s Nest is purely balanced with marketing minds which can deeply dive into data and analyze them to find key insights and creative minds to work on effective and powerful campaign. Samrat, however, believes that digital marketing today helps most of the businesses to reach the potential consumer and helps in creating brand awareness, generate leads and bring buy-ins.
Overcoming the Obstacles
Though exploring a new venture was an exciting opportunity for Samrat but the hurdles prevailing in the market were not easy to overcome. Being an integrated marketing agency, it focuses both on brand awareness and performances through new media. But, several corporate houses remain unaware of the reach and outcome of this investment. Therefore, it is always a big challenge for the organization to educate its clients on how this medium works. Maximum of the companies wants to go for new media either investing lowest or free. “We keep our patience while interacting with our clients who have zilch knowledge of digital marketing. Some of our current clients have taken 2 to 3 years of time to come onboard. But we never pushed them to start working with us but helped them understand the effectiveness of the medium,” he expounds. Their endurance and hard work helped most of their clients realize that they have lost time as well as opportunity by trying to do it for free or with a very smaller fee.
Proceeding to the Peak
Propelling in the business of digital marketing through years, the consultancy has extended from two to a twenty member family and wishes to add thirty more members within next two years. It monitors the changing pulse of the consumers with the rise of internet user and utilizes it as an advantage when it comes to work for any business. “We are also heavily investing in technology to bring in more value additions to the insights that we provide to our clients,” concludes Samrat and signs off with a motto to pioneer in the space of digital marketing.