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Krono: Flying High in the Marketing Consultancy Space

Be it products or services, marketing has always been the key to the business at a corporate company. Marketing has the potential to make or break a company. It thus is a great concern for corporates to practice effective marketing strategies to add volume to their business and returns. Marketing consultants have been providing solace in the marketing segment to the wearisome business heads. One such marketing consultancy firm is Krono IINC, founded by Manoj Rathi, which has become a benchmark for marketing expertise.

Krono facilitates the clients with an enhanced reach to the database using 25 Digital and Direct Marketing Media and training them to use the database in a professional and effective manner, adding value to their dreams

Krono set sail in 2006 in the trade and commerce capital of the nation, Mumbai, with a vision to be one of the top database, direct and digital marketing solutions companies in the market. Initially started as a Database Management company, Krono gradually ventured into providing marketing solutions to its clients. The company’s initial years were riddled with challenges owing to the ‘not so entrepreneur friendly’ government policies and the hassles in accessing and managing database seamlessly. But no hurdle was big enough to curb the urge of the enthusiastic Manoj, Founder & CEO, Krono, from sailing ahead. For the past decade Manoj and his team at Krono have been serving a host of satisfied clients with database management, Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing and Branding solutions.
While explaining about the challenges faced by clients Manoj states, “I have seen marketing/sales teams and individuals putting in a great amount of effort in creating and maintaining good quality database. Once the database is ready, due to technical and government norms, they have a tough time to reach out to these databases.
CIO Vendor This is where Krono comes in handy and helps them cleanse, sanitize and reach out to the pan India contact list.” Be it direct marketing strategies like direct mailing, newspaper insertions, billboards, brand alliances, taxi or auto ads, magazine ads and other or digital marketing tools like email, SMS, Social media marketing, SEO, mobile apps or brand identity solutions like design & content, outdoor advertising, loyalty solutions and interactive virtual tours or database management solutions like data entry, analytics, records & maintenance, Krono does it all. The organization ensures that its customers are trained and guided on the effective use of database to such an extent that every penny that is shelled out of their pockets gets an ROI.
Krono facilitates the clients with an enhanced reach to the database using 25 digital and direct marketing media and training them to use the database in a professional and effective manner, adding value to their dreams. “Quality service, low cost and most importantly strategy and excellent ROI are the key benefits of engaging Krono as a marketing partner,” expounded Manoj. The company has already rendered exemplary services to over 6000 clients and has experienced a tremendous growth of 50 to 200 per cent year on year. With a team of 40 young, passionate and aggressive geniuses, Manoj aspires to be a leader in the marketing consultancy realm. “Besides breathing expansion and increasing services and the number of happy clients, there is no other thought in our minds,” says a proud and happy Manoj as he wraps up the conversation.