Phi Creative Solutions: Creating New Age Interactive Marketing Solutions for SMEs

“The world is changing and the Internet is about to become the next broadcast network.” When Mark Burnett quoted this, he had a vision that the future of the internet is going to be gleaming and soon businesses were found wondering how to infuse the digital spirit into their businesses. The beginning of 2000s, was the time when usage of the internet was popularized in India. During that time, businesses started understanding the need for the digital presence irrespective of their sizes and industries. Numerous consulting companies then came to the rescue of businesses that wanted to step up to the next level and tap into the online space.
One such consulting firm, which emerged to create numerous success stories with its marketing solutions was, Phi Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The organization was founded in 1999 were offering digital branding consultancy for brands planning to venture into the online space.

It’s not about our bottom line, it’s about our clients’ bottom line and their growth that results in our growth

Phi was brought into existence by Founder & CEO Vishaal S Shah in Mumbai. The company was introduced with the vision to be 'partner of choice' in the growth journey of Indian SME’s; who have national and global aspirations; by offering strategic branding and brand management solutions. From handling the brand’s digital presence to delivering strategic branding and brand management solutions, Phi handles everything. Vishaal says, “Our mission is to develop and manage people, brands and businesses to realize their full potential. In doing so, we shall create 80 success stories by 2020.”
This consulting organization emerged with the aim of aligning its efforts with the SMEs that aim to go national or global. Vishaal says “I strongly feels that both; growth and hunger for growth is maximum amongst the SME businesses and entrepreneurs. They have experience the first phase of growth - which is chaotic and reactive to external environmental stimulus. Now they have the bandwidth and the understanding that planning and packaging is required to achieve their marketing objectives. That’s where we come in - we package a brand so that the consumer notices it and engages
CIO Vendor with it. It’s Growth by Design”
Phi, in its 15 years of existence, holds the experience of creating several success stories across pharmaceutical, biotechnology, education, infrastructure, BFSI, engineering, IT/ITES, media entertainment and other sectors. The company claims to have handled challenging projects wherein with its strategic branding and brand management solutions, Phi has helped numerous brands make a mark in the market. Some of the clients served by them are Waman Hari Pethe Sons, Choksey Chemicals, Emperor Akbar, Thermolab Group, Swiss Pharma, ACG Worldwide, Astron, Sterling and Wilson, Tapasya Engineering and many more.
In the initial years of existence, the biggest challenge for Phi was to carve a niche for itself. The competition was tough as numerous other consulting companies were present in the market. Thus, it was difficult to differentiate. This Mumbai based consulting organisation since then has kept itself aligned towards delivering exceptional designs and brand insights to help brands attain enhanced visibility and stay ahead in the industry. To sustain its competitiveness, Phi has also remained conscious about the quality and customer service. “It’s not about our bottom line, it’s about our clients’ bottom line and their growth that results in our growth” adds Vishaal. The company aims to keep adding new names to the list of successful and super engaged brands. Besides, the company’s focus is to be the best brand and marketing consultants in India by associating with more emerging Indian SMEs seeking to expand nationally or globally and international brands willing to expand their operations to India.