DotConverse: Revamping the Social media and Online Marketing Industry

Branding is all about building a connection with the customer. Successful brands bring incredible value to the companies, and they spend huge amount of resources in building one. However, given the dramatic shift in the taste of brand loyalists, it has now become imperative for brand owners to overhaul their existing branding strategies and think afresh about positioning their products. Ubiquitous mobile and internet technologies call for a shift from traditional marketing strategies and leverage technology to take on this changing dynamics. Companies that are competent enough to build out-of-the-box branding solutions will be the ones to survive in the industry. In a bid to deliver innovative branding services, Saurabh Pandey acted on his entrepreneurial instincts and founded dotConverse in October 2012. Leveraging his 15 years of marketing experience at OLX, Google, BhartiAirtel and ibibo, he built an organization to proliferate brands through conversation triggering content on social media and other interactive channels.
Having worked in various multi-national organizations for more than a decade, Saurabh, Founder & CEO, is well accustomed with the tenuous branding strategies followed in most of the MNCs and their resultant shortcomings. Building a reputation and starting an engaging conversation are the hurdles faced by companies. Operating from Delhi, dotConverse works in close proximity with its clients and helps them manage their reputation in the industry. Saurabh adds, “Most often brands on social media get so enamored with themselves that they indulge in a monologue about themselves.” The company helps its client gain consumer insights and aspirations related to the brand’s objective. It then develops content strategies to support two way communication about the brand and engages people in an active participation.

Operating from Delhi, dotConverse works in close proximity with its clients and helps them manage their reputation in the industry

Specialized in social media and online marketing, the company provides a long list of services which includes Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Web Design, Content Writing, Animated
CIO Vendor Explainer Videos, Blogger Outreach Programs and Mobile Marketing. Staffed with extremely talented employees, dotConverse, apart from offering professional cutting edge services, prepares case studies for each of its clients.
Saurabh adds, “People who are mostly with us right from the inception, appreciate the consulting culture and insights we provide. It catalyzes empowered execution.” The company’s global presence in the industry for the last three years, serving both MNC’s and domestic clients, has made its processes agile and service oriented.
During the fledgling years of the company, scarce working capital made it a tough row to hoe. By constantly balancing the workflow, taking over new business to retain the momentum and maintaining its quality of the services, dotConverse managed to grow vigorously. Saurabh adds, “We are focused on how our consumers are orienting themselves with the ever changing technological landscape and offer them strategies to support their long term goals.” Carl Zeiss, Heidelberg, MindBox, Tyrone Systems, BodyMechanics, ITP Publications, Resurgent India are few names from a list of a dozen clients of dotConverse.
dotConverse’s straight forward, relevant and simple approach to branding problems ensured unfathomable success for the company in a short while. Going forward, the company plans to explore new areas such as Explainer Videos, Mobile Marketing and Blogger outreach. Since inception, dotConverse achieved a 10X increase in revenue and clients. So far, the company’s unwavering focus has earned it the title of the ‘Best Social Media Campaign’ from VIT Chennai & Think Media Inc.