Emblix Solutions: Amalgamating Digital Marketing with Superlative Solutions

To make a company profitable and sustainable, an entrepreneur has to concentrate on diverse issues. One such critical area of focus is marketing and with the advent of digitalisation in the corporate platform, digital marketing has created a niche in the global business. Companies thus look for strategy partners who can guide them with implementable marketing plans and bring out superlative results from it. Identifying these needs in the space of digital marketing, Chaitanya Nandigam established Emblix Solutions in 2012 to render productive advice to its clients. Located in Hyderabad, the enterprise has managed to grow from a two people company to a twenty people consultancy with an aim to evolve and grow further.
Chaitanya, a software engineer by profession, foresaw the demands for digital marketing a few years back and decided to venture in this particular sphere. “People were hardly accustomed with the term digital marketing when I started the business. So, it was tough for us to set the foothold in the industry initially but our dedication and hard work has helped us immensely,” says Chaitanya, Managing Director and CEO. Addressing these various challenges skilfully, the consultancy serves in SEO development, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, e-commerce, web designing, pay per click, affiliate marketing, lead generation, online reputation management and marketing automation. “Apart from rendering digital marketing support, we also work on brand building and brand promotions by engaging innovative thoughts and ideas,” expounds Chaitanya.
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Building Trust among Clients
Acquiring clients and building trust in the industry are two significant tasks for any start-up. However, breaking the preconceived thoughts and channelizing newer ideas definitely requires determination. “Integrity and hard work are two areas where we put intensive focus to sustain in the system,” explains Chaitanya. In addition to this, he mentions, “Clients were aware about SEO supports but unaware of the social media marketing. It was our challenge to educate them with the newer businesses and the effectiveness obtained from it.” Therefore, patience and hard work assisted team Emblix to add new customers to its list and retain the existing ones. The company also received referrals from their existing clients which helped Emblix gain trust in the industry.

With a team of skilful and experienced members the company works on strategy making to bring out productive and profitable solutions

Companies often endeavour to increase the revenue of its client’s business. Emblix being no exception aims to raise the profitability level of its customers by delivering quality solutions. With a team of skilful and experienced members, the company works on strategy making to bring out productive and profitable solutions. It explores innovative ideas to reflect uniqueness in its end results. These attempts of bringing in new and fruitful solutions make Emblix gain recognition in the industry. “Quality maintenance is our key concern to retain the reliability among our customers,” adds Chaitanya.
With a clear vision to develop technically in its near future Emblix has shown its proficiency though its services. The company aspires to increase its client list and add more employees to its existing workforce. “We have already built a trademark in the digital marketing platform and aspire to stretch our wings in the overseas market,” concludes Chaitanya.