JNJ Management Consultancy Services: A committed ISO and Quality Management Service Provider

CIO Vendor With the Indian economy gaining momentum, the industry is witnessing the birth of an increasing number of new ventures. However, a new business owner often does not gauge the importance of getting the company certified and adopting quality management system practices. Realizing this vacuity in the corporate scenario,Sangita Jha founded JNJ Management Consultancy Services in 2011. After having completed the Lead Auditor’s course from IRCA, UK Sangita decided to render effective services in the quality assurance sector. Although she began her career from the hospitality industry, soon she shifted her attention to security and facility management. It was her entrepreneurial instinct and passion to excel that had triggered the foundation of JNJ with her ex-employer as her first client.

The inception of the organization was not easy as the concept of certification and quality management was very vague amongst most companies and as a newbie in the scenario she had to make rigorous efforts to convince her clients that ISO certification and quality management practices were not mere ornamental or marketing tools but an implementation tool to improve the quality of management system. In a bid to gain clients she adopted a unique scheme where she asked the clients to let her use their company’s as laboratories to experiment the ISO and quality management services and pay her only after they have been satisfied with the results. This strategy worked quite well in both gaining the reliance of the clients and earning business.

A major predicament with her clients is their lack of proper cognizance of quality management system and the true essence of TQM and QMS which Sangita makes sure to overcome by educating them about the vast prospect of the management tools and their impacts on business.
The services offered by JNJ are exclusive, adept and furnished to clients need; QMS, EMS, OHSAS, FSMS, SA 8000 to name a few. The clients benefit with decreasing customer complaint, right approach of problem solving by managers, increase in client demand, accuracy in service quality, zero down of loss of documents and records of an organization, centrally monitored systematic management approach, increased employee engagement & productivity, effective vendor engagement and factual approach.

In the course of 4 years in service JNJ has flourished exponentially from a one woman company to 15 employees on the payroll and another 10 as freelancers, with a new office and branches in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore apart from Kolkata.

Sangita further expounds, “Our commitment is our pride. We at JNJ analyze the problems and difficulties of management system and then decide upon which management tools are to be used to address those difficulties.” The commitment and flawless service has ensured a celebrated clientele list for JNJ including Powerlinks Transmissions Ltd., Padmesh &Udayak Beverages, CDE Asia Ltd., United laboratories, ATO India Ltd., Bansal Cement, Plastosen Ltd., Somdev International, Institute of international trade to name a few.

In a short span of time JNJ has flourished exponentially from a one-woman company to 15 employees on the payroll and another 10 as freelancers, with a new office and branches in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore apart from Kolkata. JNJ has also opened a branch in Bangladesh and is venturing into engineering management consultancy, financial consultancy, CSR training and services and consultation and JNJ foundation to serve the underprivileged women and children.