M V Consultants: Where Quality Remains A Priority

Quality, as quoted by American Engineer and Professor W. Edwards Deming, is everyone’s responsibility, but not everyone can be good at maintaining quality in every act or process. Quality is not a mechanism, but an outcome of sincere efforts that every business seeks to maintain in its operations. However, with a huge team to be handled and a multitude tasks to be performed, quality is generally left out by numerous business entities. To deal with these quality concerns, M V Consultants emerged as a quality consulting company in the year 2007. The company deals with quality management, environmental management, information security, occupational health, supplier improvement, third party audits, and third party inspection. Majorly providing consultancy solutions to companies operating in the automotive sector, M V Consultants also offers calibration services.

M V Consultants with its industrial expertise and quality-oriented approach has attained a remarkable growth and also ensures to align its services with the desired industry standards

M V Consultants was introduced to deliver consultancy services for quality management, calibration and third party inspection. The organization evolved with the expertise and in-depth knowledge of its founding team, which brought cost-effectiveness, quality, and innovation to the table. Under the leadership of Mohan Nikam, CEO - M V Consultants has achieved a strong foothold in the market. Talking about the company’s initial days Mohan says, “Initially it was difficult to convince the new clients about quality, but now we proudly say that we have been able to retain all our previous clients, who once associated with us.” For M V Consultants, a major challenge was to beat the competition as clients usually get quotations for costing from numerous consultancies and these quotations tend to vary significantly, which reduces the possibility of gaining a new client.

M V Consultants believe, ‘Building a product is not about having a large team to manage. It is about having a small team with the right people on it’, a quote by Fred Wilson.
CIO Vendor On the same belief, the company has hired a team of trained and experienced engineers with exposure in various domains including mechanical, electrical, civil, aeronautical, electronics, telecommunications, and chemicals. These professionals are also certified as auditors or technical specialists for ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Every organization irrespective of its size can grow relying on its quality and value delivered to the clients. M V Consultants too with its industrial expertise and quality-oriented approach has attained a remarkable growth and also ensures to align its services with the desired industry standards. Discussing the company’s policies and beliefs, Mohan explains, “Our fundamental policy is to respect everyone and every idea. We hold a strong belief in the socio-economic growth of each country. We also believe that discipline remains a major factor that needs to be a major element of every activity or process.” Abiding by these beliefs, M V Consultants has garnered a vast clientele across the globe. Among the clients, it counts Mahindra Sona, Grupo Antolin, AAM, Hendrickson , MUNGI, and GNA Auto Components besides RDW Netherlands among others. The organization has also worked with several construction companies in Qatar apart from handling projects for education institutions. Among its major milestones, the company counts its association with RDW Netherlands and establishment of its own calibration laboratory. In the future, M V Consultants aims to develop its own server to provide its clients the access to the records and to ensure convenient documentation. This tool will provide analytical support to the clients, which is a rare service offered by any consultancy.