Jayvin Management Systems and Solutions: Adding Versatility and Value through Management Systems and Certifications

ISO and Quality management systems have been prevalent since the 1980s, yet the market awareness even in the second millennium is conspicuously minimal. Companies often depended on certification vendors and consultants for getting their jobs done. The fact that ISO and Quality Assurance Systems are not confined to mere certifications was beyond the knowledge of most of the corporate companies and even solution providers. Premkumar sought this opportunity to launch his brainchild, Jayvin Management Systems and Solutions in 2005.

The uni-documentation approach of combing multiple certifications to provide Integrated Management System has earned an extra edge over its business counterparts

Jayvin is an ISO and Quality Management consultancy based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu that has been rendering adept services and solutions to over 200 clients since its inception in 2005. With its profound competency it has been serving the Automobile and Engineering industries, Food and beverage industry, Feed Industries, Construction Industry, services industry (education and health), financial institutions and government organizations by providing management system consultations and trainings. As Jayvin serves a wide range of clients from small sized companies to mid-sized companies to even large corporate companies, it has been a challenge to deliver quality solutions irrespective of the constrained budget of the clients. “At Jayvin we believe in the quality of services which can’t be compromised at any cost. Clients also understand how we appreciate and strive to add value to their companies and thus the issue with budgets gets resolved eventually,” says the proud Proprietor of Jayvin, V. Premkumar.

For most of the clients who have negligible knowledge about ISO and Quality, Jayvin comes up with an assortment of services such as BRC Food Safety Certification, BR-CIOP, GMP+, HACCP/ISO 22000 for food safety management, Quality Management system (ISO 9000), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), OHSAS 18000, Quality Management Systems for automotive industry (ISO/TS 16949), VDA 6.3 Process Audi, Six Sigma/Process Improvement among others.
CIO Vendor Unlike most consultancies, Jayvin has reached a level further by providing training and recruitment services in the associated forte. All the services and solutions be it in consulting or training or recruiting, are customized as per the companies’ requirements. The experienced and expert team at Jayvin ensures exclusive and advanced services tailored to outshine the industry standards to the clients. The uni-documentation approach of combing multiple certifications to provide Integrated Management System has earned Jayvin an extra edge over its business counterparts.

Technologically advanced solutions, well-timed delivery of projects undertaken and efficacy has fetched the organization celebrated clients such as Anajali Foods, Cothas coffee, SA Rawther spices, Yashaswi Fish meal & oil company, Eversendai, Phalada Agro, PHA India, Precisioin press form, CADS Software, Magickwoods, TWI India among others. Jayvin is also the empanel consultant to the Coconut Development Board of India, Cochin, and is associated with all leading certification bodies.

Jayvin has been operational in the whole of South India including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The far sighted Prem has plans to extend Jayvin’s services to benefit overseas clients of Sri Lanka and Malaysia as well. He also intends to introduce software assistance for tracking the status of the projects and access the documentation by the clients. The business gradient shooting towards its zenith, Jayvin has bright and prosperous days ahead.