PatentsKart: Striving to Offer Best-In-Class End-to-End Patent Portfolio Management

CIO Vendor Businesses and innovators need easy, cost-effective ways to protect their invention, their brands, and their designs across multiple countries. Under today's globalized setting, Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is the focal point of global trade and livelihood activities around the world. Such rights strengthen the creative environment of a nation by recognizing and economically benefiting the creators, while the lack of awareness of IPR or its ineffective enforcement might hamper economic, technological and societal developments of a nation. PatentsKart is a next generation Intellectual Property(IP)support services firm Co-Founded by Lakshya Sharma and Namita Mahajan in 2017.Based out of Chandigarh, PatentsKart’s core purpose is to add value to the invention space through advanced technical, legal, and analytical solutions while developing, retaining and upskilling local talent from in and around Chandigarh.

Offering a Full Spectrum of Services
PatentsKart works extensively with recognized law firms & multiple Fortune 1000 companies on varied technologies offering multiple service portfolios including patent services(prior art searches, invalidation and infringement research), analytical services (like technology and competitor landscapes) and IT services (like research tool developments). “One of the most common ways we ensure client success is through gaining early alignment on key success milestones and quantification of performance standards for each of our projects. We objectively assess the project requirements and define precise timelines, resources deployment, cost estimates based on our extensive project delivery experiences. Through this we’re able to offer
flexible cost and delivery options tailored for client specific requirements, scope, duration, budget or any other criteria. PatentsKart relies on proactive communication and kaizen based workflows to ensure the clients need is understood and fulfilled with utmost efficiency”, briefs Lakshya, Global Business Consultant, Patentskart.

Patentskart has developed a strong network of ‘Subject Matter Expertise’and ‘Center of Excellence’ for several global capabilities and offers competitive billing rates for better project economics. To help clients run automated patent research in the field of their interest , the firm is creating next-generation Machine Learning based IT solutions. The firm boasts of an inclusive local team from diverse backgrounds, cutting across varied technological and IT domains, with extensive experience of working with major companies across the US and Europe. “Our employees are our most important assets, and we strive to empower them both personally and professionally. Accelerated by the pandemic, we have doubled down on developing inhouse best-in-class IT based analytical and research tools that we regularly train our employees on”, says Lakshya.

Giving Back to the Community
What makes PatentsKart stand out from other companies is their employee focussed inclusive work culture and corporate governance. “We are one of the very few female run and majority female employee professional companies in this field, focussing on client as well as community development”, speaks Namita.

The firm also offers pro-bono landscape researched across the world to support various causes like development of Covid vaccination, sustainable energy solutions and more. Locally, the firm also provides free monthly meals to more than 1,500 families in and around the local hospitals every month. “Through this, we and our employees are achieving our shared vision of driving sustainable development in our local as well as global communities.The spirit to continuously improve ourselves and chase perfection is what you will see imbibed in the DNA of our company culture. This is what drives our people and our company, which is clearly appreciated by our clients”, adds Lakshya. PatentsKart is aggressively expanding its core business of outsourcing the intellectual capabilities to highly experienced patent agents, patent researchers, and analysts to provide a wide spectrum of patent support services to companies across their value chain.