Palladium Legal: A Visionary Consultancy Striving For Greatness Through Constant Innovation

CIO Vendor Innovation and creativity are the two most awe inspiring facets of human life. While intellectual property litigation may appear to be a battle between large corporations it is, at its heart, about protection of the innovative/creative genius of an individual. Intellectual Property Rights have seen the emergence and impact of automation for increased efficiency and thus the law endeavors to foster this genius. Intellectual Property Law in India is growing at an exponential rate. There is tremendous scope for growth and thus, now viewed as an asset with more and more people having started to acknowledge its significance in today’s world. Many experts believe that there will be a huge boost for the intellectual property market with new opportunities opening in near future.

One of the emerging names in the Indian IP Personalities in consultancy and litigation market segment is Advocate Jash Joykrishna Dalia. He is a legal counsel and advisor with more than five years of practice experience in a wide spectrum of matters including, but not limited to, Intellectual Property Rights. Moreover, he is also well recognised for his practice as an Arbitrator and Conciliator for dispute resolution. Jash deals with and represents multiple business houses, banks and private clients, individually as well as in his capacity as a partner at Palladium Legal(firm) which is a widely recognized and market leading law firm based in India, the United Kingdom and Jersey. The firm has grown steadily and assists with innovative legal solutions to residential and non-residential Indians in high-value, complex and cross border cases.

Over the years, Jash has aided and assisted his clients, before various judicial forums, in various Litigations and Alternative Dispute Resolutions such as Arbitrations, Conciliations, Mediations, Estate Management, Property Fraud, and Intellectual Property Rights many amongst others. Adding more about his early days a legal practitioner, Jash says, “I started my professional career with a prominent law firm under the aegis and supervision of a Senior Counsel which has enhancedmy career contours from a real time “policy abider” to now a “policy facilitator”; ”creator to enabler”. This first hand experience in the legal fraternity has improved my awareness for legal nuances with deeper understanding, knowledge and experience with legal fencing and thereby increasing my appetite for taking risks. This gave me the courage to take that leap of faith, to branch out and start my own practice in Mumbai alongside being a partner of a global law firm”.

When asked about what helped him to succeed in the industry, Jash added, “Since I have a natural inclination to stand up for people's rights, I became interested in practicing law very early in my life. I have spent the past four years working in intellectual property, where I can support clients in their
business endeavors and continue to apply my aptitude, business skills and passion to practice law in this field. I have found that working as a lawyer has put me in the role of both the attorney and the mediator, where I use my empathy and compassion to help calm stressful situations and offer my support to my clients that helped me to get a proper foot hold in the market within a short span of time. I also ensure to keep myself abreast with the latest changes happening not only in the legal spectrum but also in other vertical industries that has helped me to remain relevant in the industry and is essential for one’s success”.

I have spent the past four years working in intellectual property, where I can support clients in their business endeavors and continue to apply my aptitude, business skills and passion to practice law in this field

Jash acknowledges the fact that it is crucial to have a complete setup of experienced and well-trained lawyers working as a close knit team to strive for success in the legal fraternity and that is exactly what he maintains at his office, since the beginning, as there was only so much that one can handle on his/her own shoulders. This decision of his proved to be one of the major reasons for success as he has now grown onto become one of the most preferred names in the Indian IP Consultancy market segment. The proficiency and capabilities of his crew members has helped him maintain a super visory role for Legal Advice and simultaneously develop strong relationships with his clients. Jash adopts a hands-on approach while dealing with the clients and this coupled with his commitment to ensure utmost transparency has helped him to enhance and sustainan impressive clientele. Moreover, Jash has been time and again briefed by referrals clientele which acts as a testament for showcasing Jash’s vision as a pioneering business leader and legal professional.

For Jash, being dynamic not only when it comes to pricing but also on how you approach acertain situation is crucial. As he rightly quotes his mantra “Remember that a Job well done is a Reward in itself”. Thus, Jash, understands the essence of the requirements of his clients and offer customized solutions, accordingly, to achieve best results. Under his management and leadership, his office has also made it a tradition to practice and preach flexibility and be dexterous so that they can adapt to the changing market scenarios with comparative ease, which is why we witness diversity in his client relationship which is commendable achievement at a very young age.

Jash believes that this is the right time for expansion and his firm has already started going global. Jash was also ranked amongst the top 50 Legal Falcons for 2021 in Dubai and this recognition has helped him get better exposure and expand his horizons legal fraternity even better. All set and done, Jash has set his sight on good future plans and measures by continuing to remain scalable and provide the right legal assistance to those in need so that they can cement their legacy in the global legal fraternity and thereby soar the heights of success. To sum it up, Jash is truly an example of how age is no defining factor to one’s proficiency and transcendence.