Owlspriority Immigration: A Market Leader In The Canadian Immigration Consultancy Space

CIO Vendor Canada has always been a favourite destination for immigrants and especially in India, there has been a steady flow of students who are moving to pursue their higher education in Canada. With this migration to Canada increasing on a yearly basis, the importance of having a certified and capable immigration consultant is now more important than ever. Owlspriority Immigration is a Canadian immigration firm headquartered in Vancouver and having its branch office in Bangalore city. In developing countries like India where the market for Canadian immigration business is seldom regulated (or scrutinized by competent compliance or regulatory bodies like the ICCRC – Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) enough, consumers often fall victim to immigration-related frauds. Owlspriorty Immigration endeavours in educating prospective aspirants on the risks of immigration frauds and the benefits of the Legal Representation process. The company not only provides various Canadian immigration services like permanent residence through skilled migration, business or investments migration, but it also provides Legal Representation for the safety of its clienteles’ immigration applications.

Standing Out from the Rest
Legal Representation saves Owlspriority Immigration’s clients from getting a visa refusal from the government of Canada. The basic motive in the formation of Owlspriorty Immigration has been to educate Indian consumers on the risks of unauthorized representation, and thereby become a reputed company that functions successfully based on the applicable laws surrounding immigration in India as well as Canada. Owlspriority Immigration offers a plethora of legal immigration consultancy services to their clients including Canadian permanent residence based on job skills, Canadian permanent residence based on starting a new business (or buying an existing one) in Canada, and Student admissions & study visa services. Apart from that, the consultancy firm also provides other services including LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), Canada visit vias, super visa, and Canadian family class sponsorship. An important advantage of choosing Owlspriority Immigration as your immigration consultant is the fact that the company offers its services at a comparatively affordable price and the company’s Canadian citizenship services are provided free of cost as the company sees it as a social endeavour.

Adding about the uniqueness of their services, Ninan Lawrence, Founder, Owlspriorty Immigration, says “We are an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) who are regulated by the ICCRC.This ensures that in case if any of the applications we file get rejected by any Canadian visa office, we will be able to go back and take necessary actions (if required) and pass the application, provided the client did not give any false or incorrect information to the company as part of her/his immigration process. For example, fudged education documents (in case of skilled migration), or,
accounting data (in case of business or investment migration) to name a few. In Canada, if an application that does not have legal representation gets rejected, such rejections usually come with a 5-year ban before the applicant (or applicant’s spouse) can apply again. Also, Owlspriority Immigration does not engage with a client if our Immigration Assessments Team concludes (based on an initial assessment) that the client may not succeed.

The Perfect Opportunity to go to Canada
Any individual from anywhere in the world may be eligible to migrate to Canada and become a permanent resident of Canada, provided he or she satisfies the Minimum Eligibility Criteria (MEC) of at least one of the 74 live immigration programs that are currently available. Apart from this, there are plenty of advantages of getting permanent residency in Canada including Free world-class state-of-the-art healthcare, Highly subsidized education, and Employment Insurance just to name a few. Apart from all this, Canada has a deficiency when it comes to human resources and Owlspriority Immigration helps clients who have crossed into their immigration’s 2nd stage obtain a job in Canada so that they can avoid the hassles of job search when they arrive in Canada. The firm facilitates this through their Career Establishment Services (CES) partners and ensures that they hand-hold their clients throughout the entire process.

Owlspriorty immigration endeavours in educating prospective aspirants on the risks of immigration frauds and the benefits of the legal representation process.

Anticipating the increasing growth of immigrants to Canada, Owlspriority Immigration has charted out a well-planned future road map for the company and when asked about the future plans of the company, Ninan says,” We are starting 2 overseas offices – one in Dubai and one in Brazil and we have set this as our immediate goal. Scaling-up sales volume by enhancing services shall be another. Creating a sweet spot in the Indian and international market in business or investment migration category (a business immigration boutique) is also a viable option for us”. By constantly evolving with the changing trends, Owlspriority Immigration is striving to continue offering world-class immigration consultancy services and by doing that helping many more people to realize their dreams of migrating to Canada in the most efficient manner.

Ninan Lawrence, Founder, Owlspriorty Immigration
Ninan started off his career with Ernst & young LLP (ey LLP). At ey, he worked as consultant first and then, a senior consultant. During this time, he was certified as an ISO 27001 lead auditor, and embarked many landmark projects, including the statutory audits of reputed companies like the Tata Teleservices (TTSL), Vodafone India and the ing group (Belgium). His second job was with the ocwen financial corporation - an American mortgage firm based in florida, USA. At Ocwen, Ninan spearheaded the new york department of financial security (NYDFS) cybersecurity implementation. During this time, he became a member of the institute of internal auditors (IIA), and oversaw ocwen’s acquiring of a new auto loan company in 2016. Ninan is also a passionate about writing, and recently published his first book, beyond mind.
Offices: Bangalore, Karnataka & Vancouver, Canada