Perfect Relations: Integrating Innovative Technologies To Offer Class-Leading Solutions

CIO Vendor The current market landscape of Market Research (MR) and PR consultancy have, in some senses, merged into one. The merger of MR and PR happened about eight years ago and today it is increasingly difficult to separate the two anymore. Perfect Relations is today recognized as the top-of-the-league in the communications business and the company was started in the early 1990s by Dilip Cherian, Editor of India’s first business magazine Business India and later cofounder of the Observer of Business and Politics. Bobby Kewalramani was the other partner, who had been in top management positions in The Times of India, The Sunday Mail and the Observer. The uniqueness and quality of their services combined with their ability to incorporate Advances in AI, Deep Data Mining and Media Research combined with Market Intelligence into their services has helped Perfect Relations to create a niche in the market.

Empowered with the opportunity and encouragement to blaze their trails with their diverse skills and talents, the rich personnel resource of the company led to scaling up operations and widening their scope of services. Today Perfect Relations is a company with over 200 professionals in 19 fully-owned offices across India. “We have seen over the last three decades that clients only have only one clear demand: raise my profitability and my profile. While advertising addresses customers, the Perfect Relations Image Management technique influences an organization’s internal and external audiences by ‘paid’, ‘earned’ and ‘owned’ methods.

We choose the ideal combination of traditional and social media to communicate with the entire range of audiences – from customers to employees, from the government at the Centre to panchayats outside your factory, from distributors to suppliers, from shareholders to stock markets, from your global partners to your local kirana store. We weave stories that each of them will be compelled to absorb and we use shock and awe as well as we use events and white papers.
We use tools like Press Notes and Releases, Speech writing, and organizing special events such as editors’ round tables which are designed for public outreach and media relation as well as writing for social media. We also build crisis relations strategies and activities, engage in social media promotions and responses to negative opinions online”, speaks Dilip Cherian, Founder, Perfect Relations.

This has helped the company to create a diversified clientele that includes companies such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Sony, HCL, Apollo Hospitals, Air India, Nestle, YouTube, Tourism Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore to name a few. Adding about the major milestones that the company has achieved over the years and the road ahead for Perfect Relations, Dilip Cherian says, “For us, the most important factor has always been innovation to help clients achieve growth more, faster and cheaper.

The uniqueness and quality of their services combined with their ability to incorporate advances in AI, deep data mining and media research combined with market intelligence into their services has helped perfect relations to create a niche in the market.

We have also created a structure that allowed multiple brands within same framework to provide greater depth and distinctive coverage for the industry as they emerged and became significant within the economic framework. As far as the future is concerned, we believe that, PR will no longer in the future be measured by either a quantification of the hours spent by teams/consultants/ directors nor in the success with higher impressions and larger footprints but by the eventual business outcomes achieved with PR. Acknowledging this fact, we are aiming to continue improving the quality of our services to ensure that the solutions we provide are custom-created to address our clients’ requirements”.

Dilip Cherian, Founder, Perfect Relations
Offerings: Advisory & Consulting Services, Public Affairs & Government Relations, Organizational Communications Consulting Practice, Investor Relations, Digital & Social Media Management & Networking, Training Workshop & One-On-One Coaching And Seminars & Conferences
Offices: Kerala