KnowGenix Global Technology Partners LLP: Enabling A Global Foot Print For Indian Companies

CIO Vendor The Indian business management landscape has undergone major changes in the last five years. Given the complexities and uncertainties of the coming decade the fundamentals of consulting practice will undergo rapid transformation. Today, the need is for consultants who can think ahead of their clients; decode the complexities of their businesses; and offer customised solutions in set time frames. A business consulting firm which strives to follow this approach is KnowGenix Global Technology Partners LLP, the brainchild of the versatile trio of, Girish Bhagat, Mohan Natarajan and Dr. R. Rajagopal, established in 2019. The key drivers behind the establishment of the company was the emergence of India as a vibrant manufacturing and service economy and a compelling need for Indian companies to seek a global footprint through collaborations and co-operations.

Creating a Modern-Day Centre of Excellence
Girish Bhagat, one of the Founders with a track record of diverse successful cross border transactions between Indian and EU firms says, “We are a niche advisory firm and we have mastered the art of forming cross border business and technology collaborations over a decade through our collaborative and connected model. We are focused on increasing the scope of business cooperation between companies in India and those in specific countries like Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, all of them with strong R&D innovation and manufacturing hubs in chemicals and life sciences.”

The founders’ continuous engagements with Indian and European firms unveiled a spectrum of collaborative domains in diverse sectors including chemicals and life sciences. Girish adds, “We realised that there is a large scope for us to act as a catalyser and connector between companies from these two geographies. We understood that a strong technology and business expertise complemented by proven expertise in cross-border collaborations and supported by incisive financial acumen are key to set up a niche advisory platform which could facilitate vibrant collaborations between companies in these two regions.”

KnowGenix Global Technology Partners is an end to end solution provider for their clients’ business management needs and offers support from strategic mapping; evaluation of technologies; partner search; establishing supply chain; setting up business development channels; providing financing solutions, transactional implementation and, managing the transaction during its entire life cycle of the transition and up to maturity. For technology start-ups the company also offers incubation in dedicated EU Technology Parks.

Differentiating itself from others in the same space KnowGenix Global Technology Partners designs and tailors its approach to fit the requirement of its clients. Dr.R.Rajagopal, one of the Founders says, “Before we take on a transaction, we jointly work with the client to help them establish cost / investment benefit analysis and help them rationalise their expectations. We adopt an iterative process during the entire process with the client and help in reaching the set milestones in a clearly defined manner.”
Standing Out From the Rest
The firm has positioned itself as a niche India centric advisory firms within its ‘Centre of Specialisations’ i.e chemicals and life sciences and range of services offered. Girish explains, “Our USP is our extensive reach in Europe through our corresponding consulting and institutional partners in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Swiss, Germany, Austria & Spain.” The firm developed deep insights into the working of the industry and Governments in these countries and is positioned to tap possible opportunities and convert them to growth opportunities for its clients. "The firm’s approach to client engagement is uniquely different wherein it first invests its resources in understanding and analysing each client’s business to assess its unmet needs and then it places its value proposition to address those needs. We follow a unique approach by focusing on setting up foreign Joint ventures in India only with an Indian partner", adds Rajagopal, when asked about what sets them apart from the rest of the competitors.

In a short span of 12 months prior to and amidst the pandemic phase, the company was active in cross border transactions of diverse nature: acquisition of manufacturing assets from EU for an Indian conglomerate; technology collaboration and JV for a speciality chemicals firm; and incubating an Indian digital healthcare company in EU. Girish says, “ We developed a novel virtual business initiative, IndoBelgium Business Lounges each month, in collaboration with our Belgium partner, 2CIB (Connecting India to Belgium) which brought together companies from both countries from diverse sectors like pharma air logistics; medical technologies; food processing; pharmaceuticals and many more, to explore collaborations. This initiative has now moved to the next stage and some of the collaborations are in different stages of implementation.”

Differentiating itself from others in the same space KnowGenix global technology partners designs and tailors its approach to fit the requirement of its clients

At present KnowGenix Global Technology Partners is engaged in pursuing foreign collaborations opportunities for clients in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, speciality chemicals, medical technologies, vaccines and select dairy and food products. The company is now active in translating these opportunities into viable business realities. Going forward, the company wants to continue to become a trusted brand for building international business and technology collaborations in the sectors that it operates in.

Girish Bhagat, Founding Partner, Knowgenix Global Technology Partners LLP
Girish is a board member of Indianivesh corporate finance Pvt. Ltd, which is the investment banking vertical of the Indianivesh group (www.indianivesh. In) that specializes in cross-border transactional facilitation, with an emphasis on international M&AS and technology transfers. He also serves on several boards of Indian subsidiaries of foreign companies. Mr. Bhagat has had an impressive career in the financial sector spanning almost four decades; and wherein he has established pioneering start-ups. Over the last decade he has been assisting Indian businesses houses to enhance their sustainability through technological collaborations and/or acquisition of european businesses.

Headquarter: Mumbai
Offerings: Strategic Mapping, Evaluation Of Technologies, Partner Search, Establishing Supply Chain, Setting Up Business Development Channels, Providing Financing Solutions, Transactional Implementation