Delcons Consultants India: A Standard-Bearer In The Indian Construction Consultancy Realm

CIO Vendor Market Place for consultants in India has evolved immensely over the years and there are many aspects to the growth of the market in past 3 decades. Globalization brought the world together and Multinational companies found India as their favourite destination for many reasons. This forced the Indian Consultants to adopt International Trends and Standards to cater to the diversified needs of the client – ‘One Stop Solution’ being a major amongst the others.

Another major aspect was the choice of alternatives. The technological advancements in every sector offered a plethora of options for virtually any design solutions and the clients wanted to explore as many as possible before making a well-informed decision. Besides, clients expected most cost-effective solutions to remain competitive in a cost-conscious market and hence required consultants to offer value-for-money in every aspect of the project.

This Global trend is prevalent in every sector and Construction couldn’t be an exception. Delcons Consultants India Private Limited – a forerunner who sensed and adapted to this trend in early nineties – is a full-service Structural Engineering Consultancy of Pune (MH) that offers a range of Structural related services like Structural Design, Analysis, Audit and Valuation of RCC, Steel and other Structures.

Passionate about structures from early childhood, Mr. Bal Kulkarni picked civil Engineering as his mission after graduating with Engineering degree from College of Pune in 1986. Apart from Academics Bal was a person for all events which is seen from the activities he participated in - he was captain of the college cricket team and also represented the college in Hockey & Football but his first sports passion was Baseball. He was captain of the Maharashtra Junior and senior teams and has a national record of the maximum home runs in a tournament to his credit.

After practicing with some eminent Indian firms, determined to make it big with an individual style and mark in the Structural Design practice, he commenced his own venture ‘Delcons Structural Consultants’ in 1991 as he wanted to give people more than they expect to get from a ‘Consultant’.

“The name Delcons is devised by a combination of DEL and CON, Del is a term borrowed from Calculus. Isaac Newton – the most intelligent science genius ever – introduced ‘Del’ as an integral that goes beyond the ‘X’ that is imagined to solve any equation. Del X is the theme that fascinated Mr. Bal Kulkarni and practicing as a ‘Consultant’ offered the ‘Con’ to go with the Del making it DelCons.”

With 12,000+ projects under its belt, Delcons has hundreds of Case studies where the project required out-of-the-box solution with a peculiar approach. The unique unsupported Roof of Cricket Stadium of Guyana, West Indies that served as one of the venues for Cricket World Cup 2007 was designed in Delcons office, fabricated at a workshop in Khopoli and shipped to West Indies for erection on site., started a trend of such projects that could be designed locally and erected anywhere globally.

“Inviting and confronting problems rather than avoiding and sweeping them under the carpet kept us alert and responsive. Refusing to settle in a comfort zone and exploring the solutions to the situations day in and day out spelled the work culture for Delcons and this attitude and approach, we believe fosters our growth day-by-day. Besides, it helps build client’s confidence in our ability to probe into things and come out with a most sensible solution to any problem!”

Creative inputs of Delcons in the Architectural and Structural design resulted in a most economical design for a township project like Star-Town that became extremely cost-effective in a competitive market enabling the client to market it effectively by focussing on the features offered by Delcons making it unique and affordable. Another noteworthy work was designing Dome Roof for Pune Municipal Corporation General Body Hall - effort recognized & awarded as Special Structure by AESA.

“‘Never say NO’ attitude helped us welcome clients for everything that we could cater to and even for something that was new to us. We used every challenge to find an opportunity to grow and develop ourselves as the solution provider and it won’t be an overstatement if we say that we literally
wait for new problems every single day as we wholeheartedly believe that only challenges can test you, try you and teach you to learn new things to freshen your knowledge, sharpen your skills and develop your abilities.”

Perfect understanding of client requirement, unique Engineering perspective to the proposed solution, alternative options to choose from, cost-effective timely deliverables with application of state-of-the-art technology and continuous comprehensive support are the few features of Delcons service to its clients. Innovating and evolving has been the core strength of Delcons since its inception. Delcons Core Competency lies in its Principal’s acute sense of Engineering and considerate approach to lend ears to every client concern.

“Learning and Development is intrinsic to the work culture of Delcons and anybody showing enthusiasm to contribute to the knowledge centre at Delcons is motivated to do so and even rewarded reasonably for his/her efforts and contributions for enhancing Delcons Intellectual Capital.”

The unique quality of Delcons to interact humanely, execute techno-logically and deliver professionally could be termed as its USP that is the biggest differentiator that sets Delcons apart

“Regular Open Discussions and Weekly Training sessions organized at Delcons enables the team to discuss the problems, explore the opportunities, get acquainted with new trends and technologies and update their knowledge with ever evolving reference documents and knowledge databases. This practice not only builds the Team Spirit but also fosters Engineering Approach to Innovate.”

Complete Computerization of the entire workflow at Delcons around late-nineties was the First Milestone of Delcons journey. Grabbing and successfully completing First International Project that featured in the media making headlines and contributing to a high-profile global event like Cricket World Cup, could be termed as another. Progressing to become a Private Limited company from Proprietorship would be the next milestone where Delcons entered into a global arena acquiring Corporate and Multinational clientele that enabled Delcons to expand geographically and compete with global players. And last but not the least is the resilience shown by Delcons to make a bigger comeback than the setback to adapt to the New Normal by exploiting every available technological tool to ride the wave of global pandemic, could be termed as the most recent milestone of Delcons.

“We don’t stick to conventional systems and we modify the systems to help us in terms of increasing the speed and reduce the cost of our operations. We quickly adapt to changing scenarios and we are willing to experiment with the systems, change or modify them and bring the best out of the system. We were one of early adapters of BIM to generate 3D Deliverables in design.”

The unique quality of Delcons to interact humanely, execute techno-logically and deliver professionally could be termed as its USP that is the biggest differentiator that sets Delcons apart and above the competition and a reason Delcons manages on and average 400 Projects every year!

“We are focusing on a few segments as those are going to flourish in the near future, we believe. Steel Structures have immense potential in the given scenario, in general and with the context of New Normal, in particular. That is one area we would be devoting our energy and efforts to.”

“Like the Developed societies, Structural Health has started to get attention of the policy-makers in this part of the world as well and that would be another focus area wherein, we would like to contribute with years of our experience and expertise in Structural Audit, Diagnostics and Remedial consultation.”

Bal Kulkarni, Founder, Delcons Consultants India
Headquarter: Pune, Maharashtra
Offerings: structural designs of the architectural concept, steel structure designs with fabrication drawings, structural audit of structures and infrastructure, master planning, space planning and architectural design, valuation of real assets 1986 alumni of college of engineering Pune with a habit of passing every exam with flying colours, a studious and scholar student of civil engineering, Bal Kulkarni experimented with his knowledge, skills and abilities for initial 5 years of his career with eminent structural consultancy firms at Mumbai and Pune. Determined to make it big with an individual style and mark in the structural design and consultancy services, he commenced his own venture ‘Delcons structural consultants’ at Pune in 1991. On this strong foundation, today as a successful entrepreneur, Bal Kulkarni is all set to take on his new and crucial role as managing director of a private limited service company spreading its wings to explore broader horizons, locally as well as globally.