Surmount Business Advisors: A Pioneering Firm, Incorporating Latest Technologies To Offer Class-Leading Management Consultancy Services

CIO Vendor Management consulting is more of a service for evolved markets, and the industry has not evolved as much in India as it has in the west. However, business owners are realising the need for management consultants now owing to the need of having an expert advice when it comes to managing their operations, strategy, finance, and people management to name a few. This has helped the consultancy market to boom in India and businesses are starting to understand that it takes time to realise the full results of consultancy solutions. Offering top-notch business consultancy services to bring in new value propositions to their client’s business operations is Surmount Business Advisors. The company’s commitment to offer the best-in-class management consultancy services and their industry expertise to provide innovative solutions to meet the requirements of their clients has helped, Surmount Business Advisors to develop into a unique entity in the industry.

The Client-First Approach
Unlike most other consultants that go for the one size fits all approach, Surmount Business Advisors prioritizes on offering bespoke solutions that will offer the best results for their clients. “Having worked with corporate clients in the past, I realised that businesses need real value added services that help them grow their business exponentially, which included financing, strategy, growth and business advisory. These are quite wide terms and can mean different things for different business setups. Our work involves solving business problems through deep diving into various business aspects to get the desired growth/solution. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from accounting and taxation advisory, business and strategy consulting, and growth advisory. Our intention in any of the services is to add value by solving a problem, be it establishing an efficient tax mechanism, optimising capital allocation, tracking and benchmarking key metrics, and business model pivoting to name a few. We also invest and onboard high growth start-ups and help them in their growth story. We have guided various firms to business growth and one of our newly established B2B segment client was looking to get right leads for their offerings, and we got a tie-up in place for them for 5 years, through which they got many leads and conversion and it enabled them to get authenticity within their segment”, avers Niraj Bora, Founder, Surmount Business Advisors.

Surmount Business Advisors ensure that the purpose of engaging with them is met anyhow and their clients’ operations are benefited in the way intended. The company sets processes, with / without the use of tech in day-to-day work so that the various functions of their clients’ operations are streamlined and the business is ready for further growth. Surmount Business Advisor sprimarily focusses on growth-oriented services that have
a positive impact on the running of business operations of any client that the company works with. The company does not look at a mere formality of servicing their clients but they strive to bring value-addition to their client’s operations through their offerings. Another aspect that separates Surmount Business Advisors from the rest is that that the company tries hard to understand the clients pain-points as well as their operations which enables them to provide better solutions to the clients that they serve.

Gearing up for an Eventful Future
The quality and effectiveness of their services have helped Surmount Business Advisors to not just create but maintain an impressive clientele that includes four portfolio companies. Surmount Business Advisors portfolio company’s growth has been around 4-5x (overall) in the last 2-3 years with the best bet yet crossing 3700x returns in the last 3 years. When asked about what acted as the major catalysts behind the company’s growth, Niraj says,” I would say we learnt a lot building these companies and working with the clients from different verticals since the beginning and that’s the best takeaway in last few years for us. We are also very selective of the people we hire and the clients we work with. We typically look for clients / businesses who are looking at exponential growth trajectory, and not very keen on low growth business. What we believe is the get working with companies who are at their inflection point in their life cycle and that enables us to grow faster with them”.

Surmount business advisors ensure that the purpose of engaging with them is met anyhow and their clients’ operations are benefited in the way intended

Once they onboard a client, the company will work with them as if it was their own business which will enable them to give their best to them and serve them better. Evolving with the market trends, Surmount Business Advisors strives to incorporate the latest technologies into their operations and aims for consistent improvement. Going forward, the company is focussing to continue on the same path but more aggressively in future, and will add more startups to their portfolio as well as keep hunting for more high growth companies to work with.

Niraj Bora, Founder, Surmount Business Advisors
Mr Niraj is the founder and director of surmount business advisors. Niraj started his career as an intern with Haribhakti & co (then member of BDO international) and later joined ernst & young's transaction advisory practice. He has diversified experience in transaction advisory (buy/sell side), fund raising, assurance, taxation, IPO etc across infrastructure & real estate, e commerce, retail, financial services, media & entertainment and education segment. Over the course of his career, he has worked on several transactions operating in diverse sectors including real estate & infrastructure, technology & financial services, media & entertainment and e-commerce sector with revenues of over $10b and with asset under management (AUM) of $1bn.

Headquarter: Pune, Maharashtra
Offerings: Advisory & Consulting Services, Transaction Advisory Services, Taxation Services, Accounting Advisory Services