Forthius Consulting: Focused Wealth Management Advisor Designed To Create, Grow And Protect Clients' Finances

CIO Vendor India is at the nascent stage of real wealth management. Earlier MFDs were considered merely brokers, however, over the past 5-7 years, numerous bankers have stepped up which has changed the perception for the good. There is a huge demand of wealth managers as the gap between the number of prospective investors and the wealth managers is huge. However, the real challenge is the right approach to advise the right kind of Investment Avenue to the clients. Right from counselling clients on investment opportunities to keeping up with even the minutest fluctuations in the market, a financial consultant helps businesses set goals and helps in achieving those.

Having worked with ABN Amro/RBS, HDFC Private Banking Group, Deutsche Bank Private Banking and ICICI Securities Private Wealth and numerous wealth management firms over the past 12 years of his corporate life, Kshitij Lodha was well aware of the numerous challenges that the corporate firms come across. With a vision to help bridge the gaps and facilitate the wealth management requirements, Kshitij Lodha established Forthius Consulting, a unique client–centric advisory platform offering bespoke wealth solutions.

Striving towards Achieving Objectives
Started primarily as a MFD (Mutual Fund Distributor) within the Indian markets and offering only Mutual Funds to its investors, Forthius Consulting is committed to providing goal based solutions through a scientific and disciplined process, aimed at mitigating risks. Owing to Kshitij’s years of experience, his young firm is equipped to offer various investment avenues in their basket such as Equity Advisory through one of their partners, Treasury Management specifically for SMEs, General Insurance and Term Insurance for Individual Investors under the Risk Management strategies, and a plethora of International Investing avenues, such as Equities, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Bond and Fixed Income Funds and Hedge Funds. Forthius Consulting is also in the process of getting USD based Hedge Funds which would have the minimum investment size of USD 10000 which nobody has access to yet.

“At Forthius, we ensure complete due diligence for each investment avenue. We are completely unbiased towards any particular product and we make sure that we are absolutely transparent in terms of what we are bringing to the table for the investors. We are one firm which selectively offers platforms for international investment avenues too”, speaks Kshitij Lodha, Founder, Forthius Consulting.
Tapping the Untapped
Forthius Consulting holds deep commitment towards its clients’ needs and aspirations, and together with the analytical vigour, strong governance, wisdom and insight, its team create superior risk adjusted solutions for its customers. With some of the clients including CEOs from leading international organisations within India and even abroad, Forthius leaves no stone unturned when it comes to meeting their objectives. The firm offers platforms for its investors to seamless MF transactions at just the click of a button and a couple of platforms which offer International avenues that no one has to offer currently.

“At Forthius Consulting, we try to be more tech enabled and as far as completely paperless. Infact, in certain cases we have not been able to meet our clients physically but have still been able to transact with them for more than three years now. We aspire to be a zero paper organization and we feel that we should be able to do all kinds of transactions at the fingertips. We already have our own app by the name ‘FCWealth’ which helps investors to look at their complete Networth and review their portfolios but is limited to Indian portfolio. Our intent is to bring the international portfolio as well under the same net and make the investment world in a literal sense a small place on your app”, highlights Kshitij Lodha.

While starting its journey at just 4 crores of AUM, with more than four years of operations, Forthius Consulting has now touched 73 cr of AUM under various asset classes. The firm has recently managed to feature amongst the ‘Top 10 Wealth Managers for 2020 in Silicon India’ special edition as well.

Forthius consulting thrives on honesty and strong ethics within the organization and outside the organization while being transparent to all the stakeholders, be it investors, business partners or team members

Forthius Consulting thrives on honesty and strong ethics within the organization and outside the organization while being transparent to all the stakeholders, be it our Investors, business partners or our team members and following the strict timeliness to service our investors. In the years to come, the firm aspires to achieve twice of what it is today. “Currently, we have INR 73 Cr in Assets Under Management and we intend to touch 150 cr in next 2 years. We are bringing in more investment avenues in Indian and offshore markets for our Indian clients and NRIs. We feel that under the LRS, we have a lot more to offer going ahead and we are at the forefront of this by having first movers advantage”, signs off Kshitij.

Kshitij Lodha, Founder, Forthius Consulting
Kshitij Is An Exemplary Professional Who Strives To Offer Value-Added Services To Their Clients Operations In An Efficient And Effective Manner
Headquarter: Maharashtra
Offerings: Equity Advisory, Treasury Management, Risk Management Strategies, International Investing, ETFS, Mutual Funds, Bond And Fixed Income Funds