Fin Advisors: Offering Top-Notch Solutions through Decades of Cumulative Industry Expertise

CIO Vendor The SME and other growth-oriented Companies advisory landscape is a booming market segment with more and more companies being added into the segment on a yearly basis. In the current highly competitive market landscape, SMEs as well as other growing companies need external partners who let them focus on core business functions and support in the area of corporate finance with strong execution and delivery capabilities and facilitate their growth journey at all points. Making the best use of the given opportunities to carve a niche not only in the SME advisory space but also in the corporate finance advisory realm as a whole is- Fin Advisors.

The company is the brainchild of three versatile professionals who zeroed in on the establishment of Fin Advisors to offer cost effective, value added and high-quality solutions across the corporate finance space including SMEs. With all the founders of the company in perfect harmony and the ability of the trio to complement each other’s expertise and knowledge helped the company to develop into a recognized and reputed name in the corporate finance advisory space, within a short period of time. This coupled with the transparency and quality of their services has helped Fin Advisors to become one of the most preferred and trusted corporate finance advisors in India that primarily caters to SME and other growth-oriented companies from various industry verticals.

The expertise and experience of their team in the corporate realm have been a major catalyst behind the growth of Fin Advisors. “We, our partners and associates have been CFO and CEO of Tier 1 companies from different industry verticals for several years. What we provide to the SME sector is an experienced strategic leader across different areas of business with special emphasis on CFO services. Our associates or partners work as an internal management member of the SME and play a pivotal role in their growth strategy.

The primary benefit which the SMEs get from us is a very senior level partners’ involvement at a price which they can afford. Our clients prefer us to take up all their support activities including Finance, HR and IT so that they can concentrate on the core business and customers. Apart from offering advisory services to SMEs, we also work with companies of different sizes and nature to offer them bespoke corporate finance advisory services
and handhold them throughout the course of their operations”, avers Aloke Ghosh, Co-founder, Fin Advisors.

The company offers a plethora of services including MIS and Dashboard design and development, 5 Year business plans, Customer and Product profitability, Financial Models, Pricing strategy and Cost reduction to name a few. When asked about how the company is able to offer customized solutions to their clients, Francis Vidhayathil, Co-founder, Fin Advisors, adds, “Each client’s need is unique. For the client, we provide a single window for all their business needs broadly in the areas of Corporate finance, Treasury, CFO and allied services, strategic management and implementation, and transactional and transformational support.

We partner with the top management, formulate an agreed action plan and ensure timely implementation. We also enable managements to focus on their core business area and provide cost-efficient and value-added support services to achieve the magical growth in their businesses”. Fin Advisors’ expertise to work with high growth companies to take them to the next level by building internal efficiencies and hand-holding them through to the path of VC / PE Investment and IPO build up has helped the company to become a unique entity in the Indian market.

The commitment to never compromise on the quality of their services has helped Fin Advisors to clock in impressive growth numbers and create a diversified clientele

The commitment to never compromise on the quality of their services has helped Fin Advisors to clock in impressive growth numbers and create a diversified clientele. Adding about the future plans of the firm, Suresh Kumar, Co-founder, Fin Advisors says, “Our association with clients is highly relationship oriented and aimed at long term in such a way that we prepare them for each stage of their growth cycle including turnaround as the case may be. We are expanding in the areas of merger and acquisition, and fundraising for growth.

Other areas we want to add to our portfolio of services is financial and business due diligence, supporting companies going for an IPO, and transaction support for large enterprise companies. We also certainly desire to grow and aspire to be the leading CFO Services/ M&A Support / IPO Support firm in India not only across the major metro cities but also around a few leading Tier 2 cities. We have had the opportunity to work with some top-tier companies over the years and going forward we are aiming to expand our commercial reach apart from entering new verticals. Once we grow in these areas the next long-term objective is to become one of the leading management and strategic firm on a pan-India level”.